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Scorpion - Grow a Deer...a Female Deer - Review: "Selfish/Selfless"

"Family's not a burden." That seems to be the theme around Season 4 episode 3 of Scorpion. Picking up the morning after Cabe's arrest, a frantic Allie shows up at the garage. Cabe called to let her know that he's been arrested, but he's going to "take care of it and be back by morning."
Unsurprisingly, Cabe cannot indeed "take care of it" on his own, which leads to the team pulling together a half million dollar bail to spring him (much to his chagrin). Unfortunately, in order to secure that half million, they had to sell or mortgage basically everything of value. Scorpion is now broke.

To try to quickly bring in some cash (Because unlike family, crippling debt is a burden.), Scorpion takes a job examining poached rhino horns for a sanctuary in Africa. Of course, Cabe's had to surrender his passport, so he's regulated to garage support and childcare while the rest of the team heads off.

In Africa the team sets out to identify rhino dung, when they find a pregnant endangered deer just shot by poachers. While the mother deer's injuries are treatable, the baby deer has to be immediately delivered. However, it's going to be extremely premature and won't survive outside, so the team decides to build an artificial womb.

Although they successfully deliver the baby and put it in the womb, the womb's temperature won't regulate, so Walter, Page, Toby, and Happy head to a nearby oil exploration camp to use their heaters, while Sly and their guide Adissa head back to the sanctuary with the mother deer. Both groups quickly run into problems, as Sly and Adissa are found by the poachers and Walter, Page, Toby, and Happy discover the security chief sent to guide them back to the sanctuary is also in on it. Although Sly and Adissa are eventually able to trick the poachers and make it to the sanctuary with the mother deer, the rest of the group is left boxed in, with their only option being to make a run for it through the tall grass and to the gates of the sanctuary.

With shots on their heels, they eventually make it into the gates of the sanctuary and are able to secure the baby deer in a permanent incubator. Back in L.A., Ralph drops a hard truth on his surrogate grandfather - He may think he's being selfless by not wanting the team to help him following the arrest, but he's really being selfish by not wanting to acknowledge that sometimes he might need help, and that's okay.

When the team arrives back, Cabe swallows his pride and apologizes for how he acted. The road to keeping him out of prison is going to a be difficult one and he's grateful to have Team Scorpion by his side every step of the way. As Cabe runs off to apologize to Allie for refusing to accept her help as well, the episode ends with the rest of the team gathering around to eat homemade soup (because they can no longer afford Kavelski's) and watch a live stream of the mother deer being reunited with her baby.

Random Thoughts:

-Everybody else see those looks from Happy whenever mothers and children got brought up? I bet we can all guess what's coming.

-Walter unintentionally turning into Cabe was hilarious, but I hope he doesn't keep feeling guilty for telling Cabe to un-cuff Collins.

-I'm glad Sly rescuing the deer caused him to realize that maybe he really does like animals. He's such a gentle soul, I was gonna be really mad if they painted him as not liking animals.

-Best line of the night goes to Cabe regarding Patty. "Who the hell are you?!?!"

-Ralph's in love! I can't wait to see how the team handles this! Also, isn't a there a bit of an age difference there? He's 11 or or 12 and she's 15.

So, what do you think's going to have to happen to keep Cabe out of prison? Do I see a "Geniuses Go to Court" episode in our future?

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