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Riverdale - Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks - Review

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Riverdale second season is surprising me: the show is still addictive, it knows how to entertain the viewer and it is working to reinforce even more its strengths. Chapter Fifteen continues to develop this season’s mystery and all the storylines created in the latest episodes and it was even more enjoyable than the premiere. Let’s summarize the episode and discuss the reasons behind the sophomore year’s success.

Let’s start with Archie: finally, this character is getting an interesting and deep storyline. He is really terrified that he could lose his father and so he starts not to sleep in order to protect him and this creates problems at school. He also takes drugs to be more awake during these nights as a “vigilante”. It’s not difficult to relate with his fears and post-traumatic problems and I loved how the writers are making Archie more human and fragile. Betty is also at the center of this episode’s attention: she decides that she is going to do anything to protect Jug and so she threatens Cheryl. We are getting a closer look to Betty’s dark side: when she threatens to release Jason’s murder tape, she seems honestly scary.

I am also loving Veronica this season: her relationship with her family seems legit. She doesn’t want to live a lie and to defend a bleak father that could have led to Fred’s accident. I’m liking her decisiveness and her strength. Another positive aspect of these first two episodes is the development of the mystery: we still don’t get why these killings are happening and at the same time we are scared for all these characters we care for.

A prominent negative aspect is the absence of Josie and Kevin. I don’t understand why the writers are not giving space to this group of secondary protagonists: they have 22 episodes, they could add them to the mix and give them a storyline as well. Ok, the core five have to stay at the center of the attention, but still we want to get to know them better, to have them involved in the action.

All in all, Nighthawks is a positive follow-up to the premiere. This season of Riverdale is showing all its potential and I hope they will follow this path for all the following episodes.

What do you think of “Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks”?

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