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Raven's Home - Dream Moms - Review: "Supernaturally Talented"

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Welcome back to another riveting episode of... Raven Baxter seduces sandwich.

Chelsea says Raven's been single for too long. The thought fades when one of La Dee Da's (the moms' fave girl group) songs start playing. Take a look at the resemblance between these two moments, will ya?



They're still total fangirls! Their dancing is appreciated by everyone... except these two.

Judgement to the max from the peanut gallery.

Also, apparently a snake has been staying at the Baxter/Daniels residence - and Ray's ham was right beside it's dinner... dead mice.

Booker offers to eat the sandwich on his mom's behalf. How... thoughtful.

At school, Nia's talking to her science teacher, Mr. Alvarez. He looks like the coolest teacher ever!

Check out that hat! The hat is sweet. Nia's trying to figure out how to get her grades up after getting a D on a test. Mr. Alvarez suggests writing a piece on genetics based on her family's characteristics. OH. SNAP. Could the psychic gene finally be revealed to everyone in the fam?

Back at the apartment, Tess and Nia are discussing what Nia should do for her project. They decide that Nia will test herself to see if she has psychic powers like Booker! (And their mom). This should end well.

In the living room, Ray is adding the finishing touches to Booker's school project. Booker. You read that right.

Perhaps she should've chosen architect as her career path? Architect for Barbie sized people, I mean.

The boys sneak in, trying to locate the snake, whose gone missing. Ray and Chels are quick to catch on to what's happening, and when they spot the snake all heck breaks loose!

Eventually the boys catch the snake, putting it into a box. Phew! Booker sits down in relief. Unfortunately, he chooses the WORST place to sit.

Raven is livid. I don't blame her; think of how many Barbie's could've driven across that thing in their little cars! Such a missed opportunity. Booker tells her not to worry, as he had chosen to do a paper instead. Before Raven can pummel her boy, Chelsea gets in between them. The moms are both tired of working for their kids all day and send them to their rooms.

Booker and Levi are in their room, working out how to show their moms they care - because apparently, that's a rarity. Booker has Levi do some research on what their moms might like, and shirtless firemen seems to be a hit! Ladies, can we blame our moms, though? Levi then looks up any special events happening in town... and, OMG, what a coincidence, La Dee Da is doing a show that night! With their spare money the boys decide to buy their moms the tickets. One problem, though - they need a credit card to purchase the tickets online.

Dadvon to the rescue! What a man.

The boys begin making small talk with their moms, and Booker gives Raven a super sentimental token of his love.

A flower from the vase on her dresser. Not going to lie, as a kid i'm sure I did that too.

The boys hype up their "Mom Appreciation Day", and encourage their moms to prepare for a night out - not divulging where they're going or who they're seeing. Raven's bringing both of her wigs, just to be safe.

While the rest of the fam is preparing for their night out, Nia and Tess are in the boys' room attempting to transform Nia into her bro. Step 1: Put on Booker's shirt that he wore when he had his first vision.

This might take a while. Step one is STINKY! Eventually, Nia sucks it up and puts on the shirt. Step 2: Get into Booker's mindset. She tries to imitate Booker playing basketball, although each time she throws the ball, she makes the basket. Total 180 from Booker - perhaps Nia's found a newfound talent? Girl can throw!

At the concert hall, the moms are entering the venue blindfolded.

Now, who trusts their 12 year old children to take them through a busy city like Chicago, blindfolded?! I guess it's fine. I mean, it's not like the moms will end up at the same spa the La Dee Da ladies are at, somehow become their masseuses with no masseuse experience, and then accidentally kidnap their beloved dog.

Well then.

The boys finally reveal the surprise to their moms...

They're JAZZED! Get it? Because they're at a concert? HA!

... Never mind.

The moms are freaking out, and in the midst of their excitement Booker has a vision. Bad news... the show is going to be cancelled. Oh snap! Booker ushers the moms into the theatre and explains what he saw to Levi. They make the only, and most Raven Baxter-esque decision they can in this time of crisis: rush backstage and convince the ladies to perform!

La, Dee, and Da are preparing for the show. Da is directed to bring their makeup to another room - she follows La's command, and Booker and Levi's entry timing couldn't have been worse.

Turns out they're the reason the show is cancelled! What are the odds?!

In the theatre, the moms have made their way to the front! Chels threatens to throw up if La Dee Da pulls them onstage. Knowing Raven, this will probably happen. So... those of you who are afraid of vomit, beware.

Raven has a vision... of Booker! He's in trouble backstage. The moms, annoyed, shuffle towards the back of the theatre to save their sons. Chelsea wants to return them. If I had tickets to Beyoncé and my kid interfered with my concert experience, man oh man, i'd be looking into a warranty too.

At the apartment, Nia is trying her hardest to have a vision of the books in front of them falling down.

Eventually Tess knocks over the books herself. Nia's disappointed, saying she isn't special like Booker. Can we backtrack to a few short minutes ago when she made every shot in basketball, though?

Backstage, Booker and Levi have disguised Da to make her appear as if she's alive... and well.

La buys it. She leaves, and Raven and Chelsea enter.

Déjà vu?

The moms panic, and then notice the boys. Dee and Da wake up from their comatose, both saying they're unable to perform. It doesn't take long for Ray to realize what they have to do.

Chelsea's face says it all. She's been playing this game for a long time. I'm sure she's having flashbacks to when she was forced to be one of the boys from Boyz in Motion at their school to impress Bianca and her crew. Although, I remember her doing some pretty cool acrobatics in that routine, so maybe there's some hope for this performance after all?

I've gotta give it to them, Ray and Chels have still got it going on! The boys are even dancing along in the wings. After a few minutes of getting into the rhythm and performing alongside their favourite singer, La realizes her trio is off - aka, she's the only member of her trio onstage. Chels takes a selfie and the moms are escorted carried out by security, along with the boys.

Outside, the moms are in disbelief of what just happened! Best. Night. EVER. They tell Booker and Levi that they don't have to go to extremes like this to show they care - little things, like doing the dishes or saying 'thank you' work too. I guess Booker's disastrous vision ended up working out for the better. And what's cooler - without realizing it, Raven's vision worked in tandem with Booker's to create a cool experience.

Look at this psychic duo who don't even know they're a psychic duo.

At school, Mr. Alvarez hands Nia back her paper.

He's super impressed by it, and encourages Nia to look into taking an Honours Science class! She says she'll think about it. Turns out she wrote about her twin's basketball skills and the differences between them as opposed to his psychic powers. If she had done that... Mr. Alvarez might've redirected her to the nurse's office.

All's well, until Booker and Levi realize the snake is missing from its container at school.

That thing is s-s-s-neaky, always escaping! Wow, i'm full of good puns today.

And with that, we head into the season finale of Raven's Home! I can't wait to see what the gang has in store for us next week. Also, was anyone kind of hoping that the end scene would be an extended clip of Raven, Chels and La performing together? I feel like we didn't get enough of that shining moment. By the same token, though, we did see tons of dancing this season. Way more than I could've dreamed of when That's So Raven ended and we were all left wondering if we'd ever see Raven's antics again.

Down below, let me know if you think Booker and his mom will learn of each other's powers by the end of next episode (it was a close call again this week!), if you're more of a Maisha or La Dee Da fan, and what your favourite dance performance from this season has been!

Catch Raven's Home Friday Nights on Disney Channel.

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