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Once Upon a Time - The Garden Of Forking Paths - Review: Going down the same old roads

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Once Upon a Time 703

Since holidays have prevented me reviewing this new season of once, I would like to thank EmmaLine for stepping in. Together we will be covering this season. So, without further ado let’s look at the third episode of this season. I am splitting in two to the stuff in the fairytale realm and the new cursed realm Hyperion Heights.

In the Fairytale Realm, Cinderella goes to meet Henry at her broke carriage as arranged but seems they missed each other. She leaves her glass slipper as a message when she meets Tianna (from Princess and the frog) who offers to take her to the resistance. She can’t hang around where she is as she is wanted for the murder of the prince. At camp, she is provided with new clothes and boots. Soon Henry, New Hook, and Regina arrive with the help of a locator spell on, you guessed it, the glass slipper. Regina does state her magic seems off. Maybe it’s something to do with the different realm. Introductions are made, and they are soon are in for the fight with Tianna and her band of rebels.
The resistance is planning to attack Lady Tremaine who seems to be hiding all her magical loot including a box they have never seen before but clearly, Cinderella has. That night Cinderella sneaks off to Lady Tremaine’s and we learn the reason for her hatred towards Cinderella. So, it’s not as the original version suggests that it is for her daughters to gain power. However, we do know Tremaine is gaining power and taking over the kingdom. I do think Tremaine’s character is a rehash of Cora with a bit of Evil Queen thrown in. We learn that as well as the Prince, Tremaine was behind Cinderella’s father’s death. Tremaine blames Cinderella and her father for the death of her beloved daughter Anastasia (I did wonder about the other daughter) who is being preserved in a box/Coffin but needs a pure heart to bring her back. Yep, you guessed it the heart of the Truest believer and it happens Henry has walked right into her realm. She tells Cinderella she knows of the rebel’s plans and will kill them all if she doesn’t bring her Henry’s heart. She enchants her hand.
This Cinderella is clearly broken and has let herself be downtrodden due to her own guilt, a fact Regina picks up on when she stops her from stealing the cobblers heart as Cinderella could not bring herself to steal Henrys. Cinderella wants to flee the camp to protect them, but Regina convinces her to stay and fight. She comes back stating her name is now Ella.

In Hyperion Heights, Jacinda tells her roommate she has been exchanging letters with her daughter Lucy by hiding them in the well at the community garden. However, when she goes to deliver another letter Tremaine clearly knows and tells her of her plans to demolish the site and build her condo’s.
At Roni’s Detective Roger’s, Henry and Roni are working on their plan to bring down Victoria Belfrey. Roni overheard a conversation about a planner being bribed so Roger’s sets out to catch them in the act. He lies to his partner Detective Weaver who follows him and sees him watching Belfrey.
At Roni’s, Jacinda talks with Roni and Henry about the Community Garden being demolished seems Roni knows her way about the city code book and says she needs to get a petition from the locals to stop Belfrey.
Jacinda is amazed at the response when she asks for signatures on her petition.
Detective Rodgers arrests the planner, but later his partner Detective Weaver lets him go saying to win against Victoria Belfry requires more finesse. Now the planner will call him next time she asks him to do something.
Lucy bumps into Henry as she heads to the garden. Lucy is convinced that her step-grandmother, Victoria Belfrey, is trying to hide something buried there that has come over from the other realm. I kind of heard this story before and so has Henry after all he wrote it/ lived it. Anyway, no one is surprised when Lucy finds a piece of glass, Lucy believes it’s from Glass Slipper. I wonder what else is down there??
Lady Tremaine finds Jacinda getting her petition signed and offers her one of the new Condos she plans to build on the community garden and Lucy back if she burns the petition which Jacinda does. Lucy sees this and runs away.
Tremaine seems satisfied but Jacinda feels terrible and turns to Roni for advice. The fight seems to have gone out of Jacinda like it had Cinderella back the fairytale realm. Roni tells her she needs to stand up to Victoria Belfrey.
Lucy is talking with Henry and plans to give her mother the piece of Glass Slipper, so she remembers how to fight when they come across Jacinda getting the community once again to sign the petition to save the gardens.
Lucy gives Henry the piece of Glass Slipper saying he can’t find his family because they are right in front of him but sadly on his way home he finds his wife and daughters graves in the Hyperion graveyard.

It seems Lucy theory was correct, Belfrey was, in fact, hiding something at the dig her daughter's coffin. Victoria takes it up to the top of Belfrey tower where tied up is a young woman who we learn is there to help her bring back her daughter. Her point is to destroy Lucy’s belief and that will bring Anastasia back. However, it seems the young woman clearly rattles Victoria who says she will then have to deal with her.

Three episodes in and am still waiting for the wow factor. This season has me intrigued but not enthralled as I was hoping. The rehashed plot lines are predictable, and the new characters aren’t as likable.

I do enjoy Andrew J west portrayal of Henry and his mannerisms compared with the original Henry is perfect making his characterization believable. Roni seems underused delivering the hope speech of the week and everyone’s counselor, A role Regina seems to have adopted in the fairytale realm as well. Is it also a coincidence both her characters have been named after the Krays brothers ??Weaver is playing both good cop, bad cop and Rogers just seems lost. Rogers tale of the missing girl case will surely be his daughter, and could the mystery be shackled in Belfry tower? As for Weaver Aka Rumple, I am sure we will soon learn how he ended up here and like with every curse is he the only one awake?
Jacinda certainly is a different Cinderella but I want to see her feisty side something I know Dani Ramirez plays well.
Princess Tiana casting is spot on and nice to learn she leads the resistance.
Lady Tremaine is another Cora in a different body. When describing her dead daughter appears cold and I wonder like Cora has she taken out her own heart to stop feeling. Victoria Belfrey looks like she would be a home in an episode of Dallas or Dynasty.

Lucy though is the gem of the cast and if anyone can make us all believe this fairytale show isn’t over it's her. While I do feel this episode was the best so far this season.The show really needs to do better to bring us a fresh look to an old fairytale.

So, what are your thought about this episode?

Can once find its magic?

Please comment below?

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