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Once Upon a Time - Episode 7.05 - Greenbacks - Promo, Sneak Peek, Promotional Photos, Interviews + Press Release

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Sneak Peek

First Look at Dr. Facilier

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Press Release


“Greenbacks” – Tiana seeks help from a traveling soothsayer, the iconic Dr. Facilier, in an attempt to save her kingdom. But when it’s revealed that he has an ulterior motive she’s forced to take matters into her own hands. In Hyperion Heights, Sabine and Jacinda take on a risky business venture, but the strength of their friendship is tested when Victoria interferes with their plans. Meanwhile, Ivy recruits Henry to investigate Victoria, and Roni makes a discovery that could change her relationship with Henry forever. Rogers uncovers a crucial clue in his search for Eloise Gardener, on “Once Upon a Time,” FRIDAY, NOV. 3 (8:00–9:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network.

“Once Upon a Time” stars Lana Parrilla as Regina/Roni, Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin/Weaver, Colin O’Donoghue as Hook/Rogers, Andrew J. West as Henry Mills, Gabrielle Anwar as Lady Tremaine/Victoria Belfrey, Dania Ramirez as Cinderella/Jacinda and Alison Fernandez as Lucy.

Guest starring in this episode are Mekia Cox as Tiana/Sabine, Adelaide Kane as Drizella/Ivy, Emma Booth as The Witch, Daniel Francis as Dr. Facilier, Kevin Ryan as Robert and Robin Givens as Eudora.

“Greenbacks” was written by Christopher Hollier & Adam Karp and directed by Geofrey Hildrew.

EW Scan

Thanks to Lady_Junky for the heads up.

EW Interviews

Are we going to get more into Tilly/Alice’s backstory soon and why she was the first one to be awake?

KITSIS: We are going to be getting into her backstory. We are going to get a snippet of why she’s awake in this moment before the curse in the winter finale, and then we are going to be doing much more of her and her flashbacks in the second half of the season. We have a really fun arc planned coming up.

That maybe includes going to Wonderland?

KITSIS: It absolutely includes going to Wonderland for an episode, but in a different way than you think. We really are excited about Alice, and Rose Reynolds who plays her, so we have a lot of fun stuff for Alice coming up, both in backstory and in Hyperion Heights. There’s going to be a fun love story for her coming up.
There is obviously a prophecy of how Rumple can find his way back to Belle, so is there any chance you’ll come back to the show for whenever that does happen?

If the prophecy figures itself out, I’m sure Belle will be there. I would think. You know, as she says so beautifully, they’ve come back to each other many, many times. I love that she keeps her sarcasm until the end too, it’s pretty cute. From the get-go of their relationship, it’s been a coming and going, a push and pull of “Are they together or are they not?” Are they going to figure things out? They always do. There’s always been that incredibly strong bond and connection that they have, so I don’t think a realm is going to get in the way of that. But who knows?


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