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Good Behavior - Season Two - Advance Preview: This Is What You Wanted

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"You never want people to think too much."

So, our favorite renegades are back at it, and I mean all of it, there are steamy scenes, sneaky plans, and crazy ass situations. It doesn’t look like the intensity is winding down anytime soon, which is awesome and actually already expected from this thrilling ride that was one of the biggest surprises for me last year. At first, both are trying to lay low and pretend to be normal, even to each other, and though we all know that can't last, the MR. & Mrs. Smith vibe is kinda awesome with these two. Letty (now Lindsay) is doing everything she can to make sure Jacob (now Michael) can have a normal life, and that includes a formal education, but schools are hard and expensive to get into, so Letty and Javier (now Emile) have to come up with a plan (or plans) that include a bit (or a lot) of scheming and the wonderful Laura Bell Bundy (Carin) who I honestly hope sticks around because she's hilarious and a great addition to the cast.

Interactions between Letty and Jacob are gold, the way she struggles with being a mom to the point of looking for parenting advice on Google are hilarious and at the same time the most heartfelt, really, the scenes between mother and son were the highlight here. And the dialogue is hilarious, Jacob is really something, but he isn't super happy about how his mom goes about things and he's not okay with his new (bland) name, he wants a cooler name, like Tristan, though Letty is not okay with a flashy name (for obvious reasons).

"People named Tristan are fictional characters who have to turn into animals so that women will have sex with them."

"I’m supposed to stay inside all the time?"
"Yes, that’s what wifi’s for."

Silk and the neat little deal to cremate the bodies is no longer on the table for Javier, which creates a big problem. And that ties into another drama involving Javier’s family (which I really hope gets more time this season) and the question of who wants to kill him. Also deserving of more, time are Christian and Estelle, the good things is, not only they find a way to give them a place even when they're not with our main duo, but also they make up for the lack of their interactions with Letty once Christmas arrives, and trust me that episode (3), and the one that follows, are pure gold.

FBI Agent, Rhonda Lashever, played by Emmy winner Ann Dowd, continues to be fascinating and entertaining as hell. I especially love how they find new and improved ways to let Anne shine which is very, very smart, her character reminds me of her Leftovers persona and I can't get enough of her, so let's keep that going, please. The story will continue to get quite difficult for Letty and Javier, in every way, but Juan Diego Botto and Michelle Dockery continue to be mesmerizing, no matter how dire things look, and even if once the fourth episode is over they do find a path forward (in a freaking brilliant way) there's a lot of suffering and a hell of a lot of fun in our future.

"Who wants you dead? Besides me."

Season two of Good Behavior premieres Sunday October 15th at 10:00p.m. ET/PT on TNT.

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