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Chicago Fire - A Breaking Point - Review

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This week's episode of Chicago Fire, "A Breaking Point" was pretty eventful. Dawson survives a scary situation, Casey is promoted to Captain, and Hope survives another week at Firehouse 51.

At the beginning of the episode we see Dawson running errands for Casey's promotion ceremony. She's picking up some kind of box that looks to be an antique that she had repaired. It's a gift for Casey. After picking up the gift, she runs into construction and notices that it's causing damage to the nearby parking garage. She tries to talk to the construction workers, but they're jerks and don't listen to her. She runs into the garage trying to get everyone out, but it's too late. It crumbles trapping her and the other civilians.

Dawson wakes up next to an injured construction worker and gets help from Tucker, a staff sargeant in the Army. Unfortunately they lose the construction worker, and things don't get any better. The other people that are trapped start fighting, and Colleen is especially lovely. Dawson doesn't like Tucker taking charge and telling people what to do.

Luckily she gets over her ego and helps one of the men who starts to have a panic attack. Then they discover a man trapped in his car. They're able to pull him out and rescue his daughter from the elevator. But then things just keep getting worse. Colleen is very hateful, and then they learn they're being poisoned by carbon monoxide.

While Dawson's trapped in the garage, Stella fills in for Dawson on Ambo 61. While I like Stella on Truck, I didn't mind her as a paramedic. She's quickly becoming one of my favorites so as long as she has a story, I'm happy. Maybe Chicago Fire will revisit her role as a medic in the future? While on duty, Brett tells Stella about Hope and her issues. Stella doesn't think Hope is as innocent as Brett does and doesn't really believe her story. When they get back to the firehouse, Stella asks Hope if she ever called to pick up those O2 bottles she asked about earlier. Hope gives Stella this elaborate story about how she tried to call, but didn't think she has the right number. Stella sees right through Hope and her lies.

Seriously, all Hope had to do was call headquarters! Why is that hard, and why does she have to lie about it? I'm so sick of Hope at this point I just want her to go away. I also am getting really irritated at Brett for believing everything Hope says.

Casey also has his hands full this episode with his new job as Captain. He has massive amounts of paperwork to complete from headquarters as week as taking on new assignment from Boden. He's now in charge of scheduling requests and furloughs. Mouch tries to update him on current union situations, but he's interrupted by Severide. Severide rubs it in that he can't get a sandwich because he's too busy with paperwork. Then Capp tells him that if he goes by "Cap" then it's going to be very confusing.

"You need to emphasize the 'tain'. Cap-tain."

Stressed out and fed up, he informs the firehouse that wants no more trivial requests and no more surprises. Cue Cindy and the boy scouts showing up with a surprise! The boys give Casey a hamster as a present and want him to be a firefighter mascot. Casey is less than trilled. While eating lunch, Cruz and Severide watch the garage rescue on tv, and Severide tells then how they should be doing it. Boden compliments him, and Cruz said that the firehouse would back him if he wants to be Captain, too. However, Severide is in no rush.

Casey is getting worried because he hasn't heard from Dawson, and Cindy tells the firehouse that she was getting a gift. They realize that she was near the parking garage, and they rush to her rescue. Casey learns that she did run into the garage, and he's able to call her and tell her to run to the north wall before it collapses. The guys are able to pull out all the people trapped, but Dawson went back to save Tucker. Casey is able to rescue Dawson and Tucker, and Dawson and Casey share a sweet reunion.

While I never thought Dawson was in danger, it was nice to have a story away from the Firehouse. However, I wish that the show could feature someone else besides Dawson. If you featured Cruz, Otis, or even Brett or Stella it would make it more believable that something could actually happen to them. Because we all know that Dawson, Casey, and Severide aren't going anywhere.

At the end of the episode Casey finally has his promotion ceremony. It was very touching as Dawson is finally able to give him his present. The box belonged to the first Captain Firehouse 51 ever had. The Captain helped saved lives during the 1910 Union Stockyards Fire. This made me love the gift! Then Casey recognizes Dawson and all the lives she helped save. A tear or two may have been shed during this part of the episode.

I think Casey definitely deserves his promotion, and I'm interested to see how his role will change at 51. I also loved his banter this week with Severide. They had a nice bonding moment when getting ready for the ceremony, and Severide also got to tease Casey throughout the episode. I wonder if Severide will get promoted before the show ends.

What did you think about "A Breaking Point"? Did you like this Dawson-centric episode? How do you feel about Casey's promotion? What do you think is Hope's real story? Discuss below in the comments section!

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