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Blindspot - Back to the Grind - Review + POLL

I forgot how much I missed Blindspot over the summer. Sure, it hasn't been the best series when it comes to logic, coherency, and tight writing, but by gosh is the show ever entertaining. This premiere especially was a rollicking start to season 3. I mean, we saw the team ride a freaking tank, does anymore need to be said?

'Back to the Grind' kicked off with Jane and Weller's wedding, which was well earned over the past two seasons. The montage of their short lived married life up to last season's concluding scene was bittersweet to see. It gave the episode a different, refreshing tone, even if just for a few minutes, and that refresh continued with Jane and Weller's subsequent globetrotting adventures. It is only season 3, but the episode felt like an entire new beginning.

Despite this fresh start, there were still dangling threads from last season, such as Roman. Though it makes sense why Roman is against Jane, it doesn't sit well with me. He was built up so well in season 2 as an on the cusp protagonist and his chemistry with Jane was so on point. Them being on opposing sides as a result does not do the show any favours. Not to mention, actor Luke Mitchell cannot for the life of him portray a believable bad guy. I hope this is just an arc for a few episodes and they team up against a common enemy. Roman had already shown signs he wants to help them, in his own strange way - his motives weren't purely "evil" by any stretch - so, hopefully there truly is more to him than meets the eye.

The chase scene between Roman and Jane and Weller was really cool. We rarely get to see locales outside of the United States in this show, let alone in a James Bond-esque location as Venice, so that was really refreshing. With regards to the chase scene, I don't know how Roman was able to keep his sunglasses on during his scuffle with Weller on the boat, but hey, whatever works! The action sequences in general from beginning to end were, as we've come to expect from this show, very well staged.

The highlight moment had to go to Jane waking up in the duffle bag. Watching the zipper opening from the inside and her arm slowly stretching out was not only a great callback to the series premiere, but it was just an awesome visual. Seeing her hubby in danger, coupled with the knowledge of what she is capable of, viewers just know s#%t is about to go down. Unfortunately, we never got to see the fight scene, but it was not necessary. The cutaway to the outside as we heard them scuffling was just as effective. The smile Jane had as they walked out of the church did feel a little out of place, she doesn't usually express emotion after kicking butt, but it strangely worked as finally Jane and Weller are back to the grind, if you will, and we all share that hurrah with her.

Most of the episode also spent time with Zapata, Reade, and Patterson. The companionship between the three was felt right away. Reade and Zapata especially have been the heart and soul of this show, so it was heartwarming to see them reunited and bickering again. Simple dialogue like their quips about the Mexican-style chicken stew was really amusing, while also serving an importance later on to their escape. And how about that escape? Weller and Jane rescuing them in a tank? Blindspot really pulled out all the stops in this premiere.

Some of the returning supporting cast members are all really clicking well with the team. Most notable is Rich Dotcom who continues to provide some laugh out loud humour. His line, "Backstreet's back alright! Six best friends and Stuart!" was classic. However, there were moments where he felt a little bit too over the top. Rich is a great character in small doses and him being part of the team can be a benefit, but the show writers need to figure out how not to overuse him or at least how to tone him down.

Aside from new regular cast members, we also get new developments, like Reade being team lead. After all the crap he went through last season, some of it being unbearable to viewers, it is great to see him cleaned up and in a position that does not hurt his character. I hope he continues to be team lead throughout the season.

What was not refreshing were the secrets. The premiere ends with secrets teased like Zapata and something concerning Jane's tattoos or Patterson's and Rich' secret relationship, and chief of all, what Weller did in Berlin. It would have been nice to end on a positive note, without everyone already creating their own agendas, but regardless, it'll be interesting to see how all these teases develop over the course of the season.

Overall, the premiere felt fresh while also giving viewers a dose of some of the familiar, but always exciting action set pieces. It was a rollicking start to a season once in doubt, and the perfect way to begin the new season.


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