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Update: 14th February 2021 Thanks again to everyone who subscribes. We'just passed 120,000 Subscribers and 133 Milliona Video plays.

Update: 13th August 2020 THANK YOU. We've just hit 100,000 Subscribers and passed 105 Million views ! Here's to the next 100,000

Update: 17th April 2020 We've just passed 90,000 Subscribers and we've also just passed 92 Million views. Thanks everyone!!!.
Update: 11th February 2020 We've just passed 80,000 Subscribers and we've also just passed 76 Million views.
Update: 17th November 2019 We've just passed 70,000 Subscribers and we've also just passed 63 Million views.
Update: 5th September 2019 We've just passed 60,000 Subscribers and we've also just passed 51 Million views.

Hey All,

Today we're officially launching our very own YouTube Channel. I know a number of you over the years have been requesting this.

All the videos that we post in our own Playwire Video system from today will also be posted to our YouTube channel for those who prefer to watch and subscribe by YouTube.

All our videos, like Playwire will be region free :)

We will also be posting our own exclusive interviews, red carpet and event videos like Comic-Con etc.

You can subscribe directly via this widget.

Or visit our channel page here https://www.youtube.com/c/spoilertv

and here is a fun little trailer that SpoilerTV podcaster CJ did for us a few years ago as part of us being a Shorty Award Finalist.