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American Housewife - Boo-Who? - Review: "Wanting to Fit In"

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Boo-Who? That's the question on Katie's mind during this week's episode. Every year, Westport families leave anonymous bags of goodies and candy on other people's porches a few days before Halloween - a practice known as "getting booed." It's not a huge shock to find out the Ottos, as the town's resident outcasts, are always left out of this practice.

But this year, everything's changed. The Ottos have been booed! As Oliver laments "My poster was right! Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it," a "not excited" but secretly totally thrilled Katie starts to wonder who finally moved to include them.

Of course, being booed doesn't solve all their Halloween related problems. Oliver screams like a little girl and has decided there's no way he's going to his friend's big haunted house party, so Anna-Kat takes it upon herself to practice some immersion therapy on him. Basically, she's going to all but scare the screams out of him. And Taylor? She's thrilled to have been invited to participate in a group costume. And, this year's group theme is "Norwalk Pregnant Prom Girls!" Katie's just too thrilled.

At lunch, Angela and Doris figure out that the Otto's Boo came from Katie's arch-nemesis Chloe Brown-Mueller. The items in the basket are from Chloe's store, "one of those vanity shops Westport housewives open so they can say they have a career." Katie takes this as a peace treaty and a sign that she's finally moving up the Westport social ladder, so she rushes off to thank Chloe.

Of course Chloe, ever the soulless twat, didn't actually mean for the Boo to go to Katie. The address got mixed up and her employee/unofficial servant Maria delivered it to the wrong house.

So, a defeated Katie goes home realizing she hasn't actually climbed the social ladder like she secretly wanted to. At home, Katie's met by Taylor, who's decided that if she can't be a pregnant Norwalk prom girl, she'll be going as a slutty ladybug. Katie, predictably, vetoes this as well. Then, as a Frankenstein-clad Greg returns from the Zombie Run, Katie tells him about the Boo mix-up. Greg, world's most lovable pushover, decides to finally face confrontation and heads down to Chloe's shop to defend the family honor.

If any of you were expecting a breakthrough with Greg's fear of confrontation, get ready to be disappointed. While trying to confront Chloe, Greg gets his zombie makeup in his eye, trips, and subsequently breaks just about everything in the store.

Back at home, Taylor finally convinces Katie to let her go as a pregnant prom girl, comparing her desire to go as part of the group costume and fit in to Katie's desire to finally get a Boo like everyone else. Greg returns then, having failed to confront his fear of confrontation. Katie, however, informs him that even though he didn't actually accomplish his mission of standing up to Chloe, knowing that her shop is now completely destroyed makes his visit totally worth it.

As Halloween night finally arrives, everyone sets out to celebrate conflict free. Katie's slapped a Bane mask on Oliver, so whenever he screams he "sounds like a dude!" Taylor heads off to party with the rest of the pregnant teenagers. Greg goes to Chloe's store to begin working off his debt (after making Katie a Boo of her own), and Katie takes a zombie-princess Anna-Kat trick-or-treating.

Random Thoughts:
- I love that Greg thinks he was popular because he was a hall monitor!

-"Not all parenting decisions are home-runs." That needs to be on a tee-shirt!

-Did anyone else have intense flashbacks of the candy isle in Walmart on October 30th during that scene in the fabric store or was that just me?

-I love that Anna-Kat's into creepy historical stuff...My kind of kid!

-That dance Katie does after they get booed is nothing short of spectacular.

-Maria knocking off that last pumpkin after Greg destroys the store was a perfect touch. I can only imagine have Chloe Brown-Mueller for a boss.

-Best quote goes to Taylor - "Everyone else's parents are fine with them being pregnant!" I just about rolled at that and poor Greg...he looked like he was going to have a heart attack right there.

-Seeing Anna-Kat's view from her hideout in hamper at the very end was hilarious.

So, what did you think of "Boo-Who?" Have you ever experienced any Halloween disasters like the Ottos? Let me know below!

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