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American Housewife - Boar-Dain - Review: "Support One Another"

Remember the Spring Gala disaster Katie agreed to chair last week? It's back to haunt us!
Katie, ever the queen of planning ahead, is about to wing her presentation for the gala. Her theme is "Beach Blanket Bingo," which she comes up with by looking at objects around the kitchen. Oliver, ever the prince of sticking his nose where it doesn't belong, isn't a fan, telling her "The gala is a fundraiser, not a hoedown." The theme needs needs to be classy, like Great Gatsby or Bollywood, Oliver suggests.
Meanwhile, Greg's ordered a giant crate that's apparently a "roasting box." "You can cook a whole pig in here!" he excitedly informs Katie. Of course, she shuts him down, saying that roasting a pig is going to end with Anna-Kat forcing them to have a funeral for a pig carcass. And she can't currently fit into her funeral dress, so that's out of the question.
Unfortunately for Katie, they find Anna-Kat refusing to hear out her friend Franklin's ideas right afterwards, which Greg turns around on Katie, saying she should support his ideas. She reluctantly agrees, saying he can have a BBQ for "all two" of their friends (Angela and Doris).
So Greg and Oliver set out to be "men" and roast a pig, and Katie sets out to give her presentation. To say things don't go as planned for either would be an understatement. Standing between Greg and a cooked pig is...well...a live pig...named RJ (later renamed Hans Gruber). And instead of presenting to "three dingaling moms sitting around the lunch table," Katie finds herself faced with a full panel of judges and an auditorium packed with spectators.

These problems lead to some serious altering of the plans. Instead of killing the pig, Greg brings it home and bottle feeds it.(Don't worry though, he stops by the store for some brisket, so the BBQ still happens!) Katie blames the "Beach Blanket Bingo" idea on her nemesis/Taylor's boyfriend's mom Tara, and steals Oliver's Bollywood suggestion instead. To truly win over the board's heart, she promises a Taj Mahal chocolate fountain, elephants covered in velvet, and Nathan Fillion riding on those elephants covered in velvet. That'll be easy enough.
Random thoughts:
-I'd love to see a flashback of Greg and Katie's vows now!
-I wonder if Anna Kat's little friend Franklin is going to go home and ask his parents what a tampon is. He doesn't seem too bright though, being that he tried to paint Anna-Kat's room with chocolate syrup, so maybe he'll forget.
-I'm glad Anna-Kat finally got her dog, even if it is a "weird dog" named Hans Gruber.
-As annoying as I think Oliver is, I do hope he gives up on this Alice McCarthy obsession before she breaks his heart again. Little girls can be cruel!
-I can't wait to see where this college thing goes now that Taylor's convinced Eyo to follow his passion and study manga instead of anesthesiology. His mama's going to have a heart attack.
-Funniest line of the night goes to Oliver- "You can take the girl out of Florida..."

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