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You're The Worst - Odysseus - Review: This Is Fine

"Damn, either he really likes you, or you are super messed up"
"I'd like to think both."


So, Jimmy's coming back home come with a few misperceptions, first, that almost everything will be like it was, and second, that there's any way he can quickly fix what he did, by just being a man and facing the consequences, but that will prove harder than he thought. Not only he finds a different decor in his house, but also Edgar and Lindsay having sex, in his bed. Edgar does welcome him with open arms but, when Jimmy doesn't seem to be aware of the pain he caused, he goes off on him, and Jimmy finally understands he was selfish and apologizes, though the road to Gretchen's forgiveness will be a much harder one. He's worried that Gretchen won't text him back, so he tries to find out about her through Lindsay, Sam and Shitstain (because Honey Nutz is MIA since Allen Maldonado is on Blak-ish now) and even goes by her house, to find, once again, Lindsay and Edgar having sex.

Gretchen is getting immersed in Ty's life, to avoid thinking about anything else, and it's at one of his yoga-brunches that she meets Boone, one of Ty's friends, hiding in a cellar, drinking wine. They don't quite click at first, but then he gets asked by Ty to take her home, since she's way too drunk, and when they're getting there she sees Jimmy getting down from his new car so she forces Boone to drive away. They stay at a bar for a while, have an honest conversation, and end up having sex in his Jeep, they both clearly see it as a one-night-stand, but we all know we'll see more of Colin Ferguson's handsome face.

When she's getting home she sees Jimmy's texting her, but after a few tries he gives up, so she gets angry and goes to his house to give him in person the same message he sent her, "Hey..." but she screams it at his face and walks away. So he follows her home and says he's sorry, that she didn't deserve to be treated that way, she miraculously accepts this apology, looking defeated, and starts to get inside, but then he decides it's a good time to excuse what he did by telling her the word family is what freaked him out, "understandably". Lindsay's face mirrored my expression exactly.

That's when Gretchen loses it, she's clearly relieved she understands a bit of what happened, but it's a passive-aggressive response, she starts acting like she forgives him and he doesn't catch on, which shows Jimmy's complete lack of self-awareness. For someone who's not an optimist, to believe she would forgive him just like that is just plain delusional. I think she should've lost it a lot more, but I'm sure this is not the last we'll see of her rage, I need her to get one proper throat-tearing yelling-storm before things get better.

Aya Cash and Chris Geere were brilliant here, when they finally saw each other face to face, the anger, the fear, the hope, all of their interactions were mesmerizing, and that last shot, with Jimmy saying it's fine with an almost delusional face and the dumpster catching fire behind him was simply gold. I, for one, am glad to see them back to "normal" and I can't wait for more of that (and Gretchen's fury).

What about you?

I'd love to read your thoughts.

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