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Young Sheldon - Pilot - Teasers + Advance Review: "Will It Work?"

It all started with Young Sheldon. Bang!

9-year-old Sheldon Cooper is a once-in-a-generation mind capable of advanced mathematics and science but learns that isn’t always helpful growing up in East Texas, a land where church and football are king.

Forget about The Big Bang Theory and its multicamera formula. The single camera comedy is everything but a situation comedy. So the question is: will it work?
Young Sheldon feels like an interesting and introspective story about the relationship between a mother and his son. There are some things they share and some they don't. As you know, from The Big Bang Theory, Mary Cooper is a pure religious woman, on the contrary, Sheldon and the rest of his family don't have the same believes. She overprotects Sheldon, even too much, but I think she does that because she loves this son more than anyone.
Surely the most interesting part of the pilot is seeing how Sheldon deals in high school - which is also the funniest. He doesn't have the slightly idea where to begin and how to approach people. But pay attention to the music teacher because I believe she will be the one who will set him to purpose in high school.
Also, as you know, Sheldon has been remarkably gifted since he was a child. He really tries to fit in this world and tries to give his family some comfort - especially to his father, to whom there's a sweet scene you may already have seen in the trailer and I'm disappointed because you've missed some of the best scenes of the pilot.
In some parts Young Sheldon appears more like a drama than a comedy because it speaks to the hearts of the audience. Speaking about the cast, Zoe Perry acts quite good in Mary Cooper's shoes, same as Iain Armitage: his authenticity and his talk are impressive. This boy has a long road ahead but I'm feeling pretty confident about the show. My only fear is the dramedy formula: I hope it won't be too much.

Some teasers from the episode:

- Language, people! (and there is not even Captain America around)
- Overprotected mom?
- Look at the chicken, Shelly;
- There's a Stephen Hawkins poster somewhere. Guess where.
- Sheldon really loves his bowtie;
- Can you feels the '80s? Yeah, the music isn't that bad. Unless you're a football player.
- Ducktales anyone? Feel old now?

Some quotes from the episode:
"Georgie, did you wash your hands for dinner or ever this week?"
"You don't believe in God." "But I believe in mom."
"Go play. If only life was that simple."
"She's gonna find your dirty magazines. You're not gonna have a good day."
"He offered me to be my leader!"
"Listen." "Am I in trouble?"

What are your expectations for the show? Are you going to watch it?
Share your comments below.