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Will & Grace - 11 Years Later - Advance Preview: "Where there's a Grace there is a Will"

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And they are back! In just a bit over two days after an eleven-year hiatus, Will & Grace are returning to our small screens. The season 9 premiere was written by David Kohan and Max Mutchnick and directed by James Burrows.

After 194 episodes the show returns with a stellar outing and it feels like the magic never left our lives. Like those 11 years never happened and we continued the road just where we left off, except the two-hour finale. Yes, the show annulated the two-hour season 8 finale and with a sweet gag explains what's real and what was just the figure of someone's imagination. The scene was so sweet that I just swallowed the dumpling (Serbian expression) and continued the ride.

The thing I loved the most about W&G back in the day is they always found a way to tell contemporary stories and be hilarious at the same time. "11 Years Later" isn't an exception, the show tackled the current politic climate and kept it funny and it still very character driven. The writing was smart, funny and the lead actors just did their thing and created strong season premiere. But now let's talk a bit about the actual plot.

Will and Grace were working behind each other's back following their basic instincts while betraying their political beliefs. The energy between Eric and Debra is so positive and intimate, just like we all remember and that is what sells this episode so well. The show put their leads in relatable positions making them do things they aren't really proud of. And you know it is wrong if you have to keep it from your bestie.

Jack and Karen meanwhile enjoyed the struggle Will and Grace were facing but didn't miss the opportunity to enjoy some fun on their own. And while Jack was on a very secure date at a weird-ish location, Karen continuously was name dropping Melania Trump. I love the way she pronounces her name and didn't annoy me at all.

Also, a pleasant surprise was a newly introduced character named Tony. Grace new assistant and the one scene he shares with Grace was really entertaining. He plays off Grace so well and I hope to see more of him during the run of season 9, and no he isn't a love interest.

Some of my favorite quotes:

"It's going to be exactly the same. And that makes it different."

"Not scary orange ball."

"I hated it when bad guys are handsome, it is like Scar in The Lion King."

Hope you've enjoyed this little preview and stop by to read my full review after the episode airs this Thursday 9pm on NBC. But before that share your thoughts on Will & Grace impending comeback this Thursday in the comment section down below.

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