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The Mindy Project - Is That All There Is? - Advance Preview

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It's been almost six months since the season five finale of The Mindy Project, so it might not be as fresh in your mind, but just to recap on the huge development we saw in 'A Decent Proposal; Mindy got married.

Is That All There Is? deals with what exactly happens after the happily ever after. Is it truly happy forever? Is it everything Mindy ever dreamed of?

There's very clearly a time jump, and according to Jeremy and his anniversary with Anna, it somewhere around the 8/9 month mark, which is a considerable time considering how fast paced this show is. Ben is now living with Mindy and she seems perfectly happy with how things are going. Just like that final shot of season five however, things may not be as well as they seem, and there could definitely be some storms on the horizon for the newlyweds.

Elsewhere, with his eight month anniversary with Anna approaching, Jeremy considers taking the next step in their relationship, Colette deals with the fallout of her break up with Karen, and Tamra decides to start planning for a life-altering decision.

This episode has elements of the classic essence of The Mindy Project. Morgan is Morgan and he's just the same as ever - comedic in how you're laughing at him and not with him, Mindy has some excellent one liners and some that may not be exactly PC, Beverley references passing out in the bathroom and generally getting up to some unsavoury shenanigans, and Jeremy wears his heart on his sleeve.

If you've kept up to date with The Mindy Project posts on here, or general gossip on social media, then you'll know exactly how this is going to turn out in the next few episodes. Mindy has a great line in this episode that sums up where her character has been since season 4 really - "I think I'm just used to spending so much time by myself that I forgot how to share it with anyone else but Leo."

She's a character who always knew what she wanted, but then life threw a few curveballs at her and now she's probably on a completely different path. I think she'll come to realise that she should have different priorities and expectations from relationships but this show still showcases something quintessential about her characterisation from earlier seasons that even with the growth we've seen from her, there's still a bit of idealism left in her. Mindy is a character who is actually pretty selfish deep down, but that doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. It's not wrong to want to put yourself and your son first, but I think one of her flaws is that she picks men who she isn't truly compatible with, and they end up expecting her to be someone who she just isn't. It's going to be a fun last ten episodes to see how much she grows and how she might choose to change the types of decisions she's made in the past. Part of me is hoping that she actually ends the show with being single and choosing to focus on her family and her career because that might be one of the best options for her.

The season six premiere of The Mindy Project airs tomorrow on Hulu. Which character are you most excited to catch up with?

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