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The Good Place - Dance Dance Resolution - Advance Preview: "I Forking Knew It"

Previously on The Good Place, the entire neighbourhood was rebooted and our core four struggled with their new soulmates and existences, and Eleanor once again figured out that they were actually not in The Good Place like they were lead to believe. Hello attempt #3.

Michael is still under the impression that he can make The Good Place a success, and sets out to do his best. Whether this attempt will actually be a success remains to be seen, but he definitely is devoted to trying to make it work as best as he knows how. Trial and error seems to be the name of the game with him.

We're introduced to some new characters in this episode, including one who seems to think a three hour spoken word jazz opera is a romantic thing to do for one of the main characters. Suffice to say, they're not overly impressed with it. Janet also gets the opportunity to show a bit of her deadpan comedic side which is always a treat. Chidi and Eleanor once again manage to find each other, team up, and discover things about themselves and the neighbourhood around them. It's like the status quo but with a little twist, so if you enjoyed the premiere then you'll also enjoy this episode.

Whilst also introducing us to new characters and personas, this episode also brings back a returning character from season one who may just be able to dole out some much needed and surprisingly shocking information. As Eleanor and Chidi team up, one character also finds some useful advice from a surprising source, and we get to see a pairing of two characters we don't usually see together, which leads to an interesting decision being made that leaves the episode on a bit of a cliffhanger.

The Good Place airs tomorrow at 8.30 on NBC. What do you think Michael is going to do next and how long do you think it will take for the characters to figure out the real truth about The Good Place? Leave your comments below.

And until you watch the episode, here are a few of some of the funny lines in Dance Dance Resolution:
"I have tickets to Hamilton next week and there's a rumour that Daveed Diggs is coming back."
"Everyone's miserable. I'm so happy."
"It's just hot ocean milk with dead animal croutons."
"I don't understand much of it, but I know it."


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