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The Big Bang Theory - The Proposal Proposal - Review: "It's A New Season!"

HAPPY SEASON 11! Wow. The Big Bang Theory has officially been making us laugh (and feel embarrassed by our lack of scientific knowledge) for a decade. Ten years ago, heck, even a couple years ago, I would have never imagined Sheldon Cooper proposing.

The time has come, friends. This episode could change TBBT as we know it. BOM BOM BOM.

Oh, by the way, i'm Talia! I've been a Big Bang fan for several years, and have actually had the opportunity to see two live tapings of the show - including episode three of this season! I'm looking forward to reviewing this pivotal season here each week with you, and will be sharing some extra behind-the-scenes info re: what happens at tapings along the way!

Onto the show!

We start where we left off - Sheldon down on one knee, asking for Amy Farrah Fowler's hand in marriage.

Before she can answer, though, Sheldon's phone rings. It's Leonard. Despite Amy attempting to convince her almost-fiance to not answer, he feels bad and takes the call.

Eye roll from every lady out there dreaming of their perfect proposal.

Leonard and Penny are worried about where Sheldon is, as he hasn't been answering their calls. He explains that he flew to New Jersey to be with Amy at Princeton. Sheldon then proceeds to recount his lunch with Dr. Nowitzki, and how the two kissed. Amy is FLOORED.

I guess it was worth it, though, because we got a proposal! Penny and Leonard are thrilled. Apparently Stephen Hawking even gave his blessing! Which was a deal breaker for Sheldon, had he said no.

Not to worry, he also got Amy's father's blessing.

Sheldon hangs up on Leonard and Penny to hear Amy's response. Seconds later he phones back, and I think you can figure out what she said:

The audience is cheering, and so am I. And so are you.

The next call the newly engaged couples makes is to Sheldon's mother. She's not surprised. She's been praying for this.

Sheldon is quick to point out that the proposal had nothing to do with divine intervention, rather it all came down to that kiss with Dr. Nowitzki. Amy still doesn't like that part of the story. Mary's just shocked Sheldon had more than one girl eyeing her boy.

Sheldon then breaks the news that they won't be getting married in a church. Not to worry, Mary says, Jesus is ubiquitous. Jesus won't be at the wedding, Sheldon replies. If Mary's there, so is he, she says.

Oh well, he'll be her plus one.

After the call ends, Mary literally thanks God for this miracle. Amen!

The third call Shamy makes is to Raj. He's blown away!

Sheldon begins recounting the Dr. Nowitzki story again, and Amy's had enough. We don't get to see the end of Raj's phone call, but Howard's up next and is overjoyed! He knocks on their bathroom door to tell Bernadette the news. She's shocked... about something, alright.

NO. WAY. All of these big life moments and it's only been five minutes!

Back at Penny and Leonard's apartment, Penny's pondering about Shamy's upcoming nuptials. Bernadette is lost in thought.

Penny notices Bernadette's a little off, and she shares her exciting news. Penny is more shocked about this than she is that Sheldon Cooper is actually engaged!

She realizes the error of her ways and tries to be supportive. Also, Penny found out before Howard. Awwe! Penny tries to locate the bright side of the situation, but alas, it's like finding a needle in a haystack. The two revert back to being in denial.

At Princeton, Sheldon has just checked in for his flight home. Amy's disappointed he only got to spend a day with her, and tries to convince him to switch his flight - he's sold when he discovers there's a comic book store nearby! Amy also mentions a dinner with colleagues that evening that she wants Sheldon to attend. After he claims that she's 'nagging' him, he agrees. This is the truest form of love, my friends.

Leonard, Howard and Raj are eating lunch in the university cafeteria while keeping an eye on Dr. Nowitzki. She seems a little... lonely.

At least to Raj she does. He decides to get up and rub the engagement in her face. It may or may not have to do with her rejecting him... but we'll never know.

Things don't go exactly how I was envisioning them to - after rubbing in the exciting news, he OFFERS HER ANOTHER CHANCE TO GO OUT WITH HIM. Oy. She ponders for a moment, and rejects dear Raj. Leonard and Howard's faces are literally me.

Raj asks again. He's rejected again.

Back at Howard and Bernie's place, Bernadette tells her hubby to take a seat because she wants to talk. She hands him the stick of truth. He's skeptical.

The next few moments are a lot of "NO!" and "YES!". And some tears.

Howard can't believe it, and the "NO!" and "YES!" continues. Howard can't stop! Bernadette appears to have come to terms with the pregnancy, saying they're responsible adults. That doesn't last long.

Raj is at the comic book store, telling Stuart he has to buy Sheldon and Amy an engagement gift. This is all news to Stuart. Yikes. He's also pretty shocked, though. Stuart suggests a gift, and Raj says he thinks their love is gift enough. I mean, this might be the biggest gift Sheldon ever receives, so he isn't totally wrong.

In New Jersey, Sheldon and Amy are having dinner with Amy's colleagues. Sheldon offers to autograph their menus. The colleagues congratulate the couple, and Sheldon tries to start discussing his career. The colleagues aren't thrilled.

Those smiles are more forced than Mary Cooper is religious. They proceed to compliment Amy's work. After a few moments, the colleagues apologize for talking solely about Amy's occupation, and Sheldon thinks this is the perfect opportunity to discuss him again. They then revert to praising Amy, and Sheldon is puzzled. He even suggests a question for them to ask him. Amy's ready to leave.

Back at Amy's place at Princeton, Sheldon says he thinks the colleagues were rude for only talking about Amy. She doesn't get why Sheldon's so bothered - well, he's surprised they didn't care to know more about what he does, as in his mind, he's pretty spectacular. Amy openly states that perhaps Sheldon isn't the smarter person in their relationship. Sheldon then points to invisible Neil deGrasse Tyson, who really isn't that smart.

Amy storms off, and Sheldon is left to fend for himself.

Bernadette and Howard are at Penny and Leonard's for dinner. Bernadette talks about the emotional rollercoaster they've been on, and Howard's clearly very upset that his idea of make-up sex was turned down.

The two have come to terms with their gift. Penny decides to make a comparison between a new baby and a new... different coloured shirt. Oh jeez. Penny and Leonard offer their support, in whatever form that may be, to their friends. That's a pretty open ended offer. Bernadette has an idea! Why don't they have a baby too?!


Howard's intrigued by the thought. The two start cheering them on, and Penny and Leonard make it clear that they'll have a baby on their own terms. Or when Leonard's sure Penny won't leave him.

Raj is still chatting with Stuart at the comic book store. He says he's trying to feel happy for Sheldon and Amy, but something's bothering him inside. Stuart can relate - perhaps Raj has tapeworm, like he once did.

Despite that comment, Raj is glad he spoke to Stuart - they're both single and can relate to one another.

Or not. Stuart has a date tonight! Raj isn't all that happy, and Stuart's okay with it. Raj's pain is his pleasure.

We now know where Sheldon stormed off to...

He's video chatting with Stephen Hawking about Amy. Stephen Hawking threatens to hang up if Sheldon uses the bathroom. He tries to get Sheldon to see the irony in being upset that the colleagues spoke solely about Amy when he's the one with the world class mind. I probably watched the next line about three times, because I couldn't stop laughing. Watch it. Trust me.

The next day, Leonard has created a little celebration for Penny. She asks if it's their anniversary, to which he says no. Leonard didn't want her to feel left out with the engagement and pregnancy announcements. Penny doesn't feel left out! No babies for her! In adult or infant form. She'll still have the cake, though.

Oh hey, what a coincidence, it is their anniversary! Yay!

At Princeton, Sheldon approaches Amy. He compares the Avengers to their relationship - while Captain America and Iron Man are both amazing, sometimes they've got to let each other have the spotlight. Amy appreciates the message. Then he compares them to the Dodgers. Uh oh. Sports. It's okay. They'll figure it out.

Sheldon says he should leave and give Amy time to have the spotlight. Amy sees right through it - Sheldon just wants to go home and have the spotlight there for himself. She's okay with it. So much so, that a little smoochie smooch happens! Ooh la la!

Three months later, Amy's back in California. Everyone's eating lunch in the cafeteria, and Amy's going to talk to Dr. Nowitzki. Everyone's expecting a total Mayweather VS McGregor.

Or that. I mean that was definitely another way to handle things.

Whew! What an exciting episode! I can hardly wait to see what this season brings - a wedding, a baby... who knows, maybe Sheldon will find a way to resurrect Professor Proton, too! Let me know your thoughts on the season premiere down below!

Catch The Big Bang Theory Monday Nights on CBS.

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