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Teen Wolf - Triggers - Advanced Review

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As fear shrouds Beacon Hills, it’s General Gerard vs. Alpha Scott in a battle of military strategy and covert ops planning. On a typical day, that should mean Gerard wins outright. However, this time Scott has a plan and it doesn’t suck out loud. (I credit the influence of Argent here.) The A Team of Scott, Lydia, Malia, and Argent plan to break into Gerard’s arsenal and destroy the weapons he’s stockpiled like it’s Christmas in a militia’s headquarters. Meanwhile, the B Team of Theo, Liam, and Mason distract Gerard and get him to pull his men elsewhere. Granted this plan won’t win the war but it’s no ludicrous armored car heist either (looking at you season 3B). Sadly, it doesn’t go any better than their less thought-out plans. But then again, there are 5 more episodes so does anyone really think it will go well?

The episode opens in Beacon Hills High where the school’s teens look like war refugees since everyone walks around with a bandaged hand. Creepy Corpse Kid (CCK) and his psycho lacrosse sidekick take bullying to a whole new level, as CCK knifes them with a blood-encrusted scalpel to prove they are not supernaturals. He’s not into sterilizing the scalpel between victims either so here’s hoping they don’t all come down with a blood-born pathogen either. Would it hurt you to show a little hygiene, CCK? Mama McCall has her hands full enough, defending Scott’s ability to pull off miracles at the last possible second to Douche Dad, who is disconcerted to find that his son never actually left town.

Besides the excellent pacing of the episode, the real highlight is how they paired off the characters. Lydia and Argent are rapidly becoming my favorite kick butt duo. They complement each other’s skills and they both save the day...again. I love the non-romance focus that Lydia is getting this season and how Argent gives her extra confidence. It’s hard to believe how far these characters have come since the pilot and I have to think that Allison is smiling down on her dad and her best friend. Although I am still no fan of the Theo redemption arc, I admit that if it wasn’t for his tendency to be a total psycho, he could be a good therapist. He certainly has Liam’s number. I like both of these characters better when they have to work together than I do either of them alone. As for Scott and Malia, certain shippers will be very, very happy with this episode, but for me their highlight is Malia’s “only 18” speech and the fact that Scott trusts her in a risky situation. Overall, I was pleased with this episode and how it moved the storyline forward, especially at the end where the stakes get higher for Scott. Gerard is developing nicely as the craziest crazy who ever crazied and although I would prefer Peter as the final Big Bad, there’s no denying that Gerard makes for a worthy opponent.

Grade: B+

Episode Tidbits:

Captain Brett was a royal douchebag
Creepy Corpse Kid gives the gift that should never go on giving
DoucheDad and Shady Guidance Counselor face off
Edgar is a werecoyote so Malia is not the only one
It’s all about the map, which may explain why Jackson is returning
Liam is into Greek myths
Nolan is the world’s worst spy
Theo turns into Dr. Phil...and is actually pretty good at it
“We need a new plan.” “Not a dumb one.”


Malia’s speech
Everything Argent - the man is his own highlight, especially in the action scenes
Gerard puts SGC2 in her place
Lydia saves the day...again
Malia’s Cirque du Soleil moves
Malia’s speech
Mama McCall’s speech
Probable death
The Theo and Liam comedy hour
“Three times” / “Five”

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