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SpoilerTV's Weekly Round Table: 15th Edition

Hello, guys hope you are having a great weekend but it is time for another WRT! Even though it is quite the slow week, news-wise we still found topics to dish about. This week I'm (MK) joined by Winston (WM), Milo (MI), Laura (LS), Babar (BS), Donna (DR), Laura B (DL), Samantha (SB) and Bradley (BA). As always I hope you enjoy the read and join the discussion in the comment section down below.

1.Fall is coming! The fall season is just 7 days away and promotional material is hitting us from left and right. Which show's promotional campaign surprised you and which show let you down? And how important is the promotional campaign for your overall?

DL: This year is one of the first years where I'm not very excited for the fall season. It's not so much of the way of advertising, as much as the material seems so recycled and flat. However, with that being said, I think the Gifted (an X-Men spin-off) had some of the best trailers both in execution and in terms of production value, which is no wonder given X-Men franchise EP Bryan Singer directed the Pilot. In addition, they have had some fun mythology-related tie-in promotional material and I have seen big adds in magazines like Vanity Fair.

SB: No promotional campaign is wowing me. Riverdale has the big EW spread but even with that, the stuff that's come out is what we already know. Arrow is trying so hard to keep up the pretense that someone major will die so footage in trailers is very restrictive, and there's no point trying to sell me a tail that Black Siren will be a major villain & cause conflict because you just know she'll be saddled with 5 minutes of screen time & beaten up in 30 seconds. Supergirl could've been good but like with Arrow, they're trying to keep up the pretense Mon-El is gone for good, the trailers don't give me much hope they've learnt their mistakes from last season & I can't not mention the wasted dollars on those stupid teasers they've released for Arrow + Supergirl which have nothing whatsoever to do with the show. Promotional campaigns at least for me can decide whether or not I watch a show. Sometimes shows can sound boring from the premise description, but the Network produces a trailer that really wows you or some posters that look like they actually took an effort to make.

MK: This year the clear winner in my mind is Gotham. Such a strong campaign with good posters and great trailers. They've really brought everything I love to the table and I'm just smitten. CW and ABC are quite the disappointments so far, especially CW for their returning not DC shows. Jane and CeG deserved better, but there are still a couple of weeks before CW premieres. But ABC flunked in all departments. Thought Dungey would bring more heat this season.

2.MTV's Scream announced the season 3 cast! Will this reVamp work for the show or is it just another ill-fated attempt on MTV's side?

WM: I personally feel that the Scream reboot won't do the show any favors ratings-wise. Maybe they'll prove me wrong and promote it hard, but the general noise around the internet is disappointment that they've nixed the cast/story from the 1st seasons for a rebooted season 3. I know I personally don't mind as I wasn't super satisfied with the show to begin to with, as I'm a huge fan of the quadrilogy source material. At this point, it all comes down to if they can't get people curious enough to tune in.

MI: Let's find out. I'm kind of bummed that they ditched the new cast and whilst I don't think it'll last - it's unlikely to win over a large amount of new audience and recasting risks alienating its older audience from the previous seasons, but I'm going to stick with it and see where it goes. It's never been great TV and is far inferior to the original movie, but it's fun to watch so hopefully they handle this well.

BS: It definitely won't work. Reboots never work for shows and with all new characters, they lost some if not all of the existing fans of the show who liked the original cast. Also, the year-long break between seasons won't help either. Scream is MTV's last scripted show after Teen Wolf ends next week and with them ordering more reality and reviving old music-related shows, it is clear what direction they're going since they don't even have any new scripted shows in development.

SB: From what I've read Scream has been a mess since the beginning. Shows like this work much better in an anthology form & waiting until the 3rd season to reboot just seems desperate.

MK: Not really sure what to think about it. I wanna love it cause of RJ and Keke but the people behind the project don't look promising. I am willing to give it a shot cause my expectations are very low, to begin with.

3.Emmy Night! Who do you expect to win? And who do you expect to get snubbed? And who will win undeservingly?

MI: I expect Stranger Things to do well considering all the hype around it. I really hope Elisabeth Moss gets the best actress because she's had a hell of a year. With all due respect to the rest of the incredibly talented nominees, Moss has been on fire - and she deserves it - anything less would be a snub. But I'm still bitter that there was nothing for The Leftovers... in a perfect world, it should have walked everything. Either way, I expect The Crown to do well, and if anything that isn't Big Little Lies that wins the Best Limited Series it will be a huge snub, as much as I love Fargo.

LS: All of the biggest snubs have already been snubbed out of being nominated! Nothing else is left to be snubbed here. I mean, aside from Viola Davis, who can do no wrong in my eyes. But aside from her, I have no one to cheer for. The best comedy shows were not nominated. And I don't watch enough dramas to speak for that. Also, Kristen Schaal has already snubbed out of her Best Voiceover Work win. So I'm pretty much done caring about the Emmys. I'll only be watching because I love Colbert and Viola, and some of the presenters.

DR: Like Laura, I'm growing weary of the Emmys when time and again they show their bias against sci-fi/genre shows. Patrick Stewart deserved nominations for his work as Jean Luc Picard on Star Trek:Next Generation, so did both Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos for their amazing work in Battlestar: Galactica, it took nearly 3 1/2 years to get a nomination for Tatiana Maslany's outstanding work and another year for her to win, (I admit I had hope they had opened their minds), but had my hopes dashed again this year when they snubbed Supergirl's Chyler Leigh for her brilliant work through Alex's coming out storyline this season. I didn't see a more heartfelt, wrenching, and emotionally driven performance from any other actor in anything this season. That she was overlooked at Emmy time was an egregious error!

DL: I haven't really taken the Emmy's too seriously in a number of years, but I do plan on watching this year's simply because Game of Thrones is uneligable and that gives breathing room for new shows like The Crown, Stranger Things, Handmaid's Tale and Westworld, and shows that only get better with every season, like Better Call Saul. Finally, there's more science-fiction this year too, although a lot of these shows are using them in mixed genres, I am happy to see some much-deserved gems at least get acknowledged this year, even if they might still be missing some other good work and more straight up science-fiction is not present. I still think this is an improvement. I'm rooting for Stranger Things and Westworld for sure, but again, I think a lot of the actors, actresses, and shows in drama categories all mostly deserve to be there.

SB: I've never paid attention to the Emmys because the shows + actors I think deserve to win never do. Full expecting Stranger Things, Westworld & The Handmaid's Tale to take home some, Viola Davis to get snubbed & Modern Family to win the best comedy. I didn't watch the show in its entirety but I'd like Big Little Lies to win limited series & Nicole Kidman to win limited actress because she knocked her storyline out the park. And I know a lot of people who'll be annoyed if Black Mirror doesn't win TV movie.

BA: The two best dramas of the year, The Leftovers and Better Call Saul, probably won't claim Drama Series - Saul, at least, _could_ by virtue of being nominated. That one's tough to call; my instinct would be that Westworld, having HBO's campaign promotion, has a good chance, while This Is Us and Stranger Things certainly don't lack buzz. Handmaid's Tale shouldn't be ruled out, either. That and Lead Drama Actor are the only two categories I truly have no clue on. Veep and Dreyfus will win again, because, duh. Tambor's got it again too; Moss will probably win Lead Drama Actress. SNL pair Baldwin and McKinnon grab supporting on the comedy side while I reckon Newton - deservedly - gets drama with Cephas Jones. And Big Little Lies is nabbing everything it can in Limited, with Turturro taking the lead male category.

MK: I'm usually not this invested into the whole Emmy thing, but a lot of my favorites are battling it out this year and I hope they won't get snubbed. But in general, the biggest snub possible would be not giving Nicole Kidman her Emmy. The story her character went through the 7 episode mini-series was just stunning and sooooo important cause of the world we are living in. Also, all this talk about Stranger Things winning cause of all the creative arts awards they've won seems just wrong. The show is above average but besides nostalgia and a kicka*s kid actress, the show really missed the mark to even get nominated in my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed our thoughts on this week's hot topics. And before you exit the page feel free to join our discussion by sharing your thoughts in the comment section down below.


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