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Speechless - W-e-We're B-a-Back - Review: Disability is no excuse here

We are back and it feels soooo good. Doesn't it #Speechless fans? And without further dwelling around, let's dig into the juicy season premiere written by show creator Scott Silveri and directed by Christine Gernon, who directed 7 Speechless episodes prior to this including the season 1 finale.

Inspired by all the things JJ accomplished at Camp, the rest of the DiMeo family decided it is time to put some effort into their life. It was a great sequence introducing all the improvements they did to their life. And while I loved seeing Dylan mowing the lawns, Jimmy being a responsible worker and Maya being an American Housewife (pun intended) Ray's ghost version took the win here. I laughed so hard while seeing him freak out of his mind cause he wasn't able to correct the way his family was living.

Overall only JJ's story this week was better than Ray's. The writers found this sweet spot where pushing a 16-year-old over the edge becomes one of the best parts of their show. Of course, I have to give major kudos to Mason Cook who once again did exceptional work here. His interaction with Dylan was one of the best parts last season and it wasn't an exception this week. Dylan going all inception on Ray and his fear of breaking up with Taylor, jumping over him during the fake fumigation drill and not to mention dismissing him as unimportant and letting be Kenneth's training wheel.

Speaking of Kenneth, I really have no words to say how much I loved his little musical number in this episode. I didn't recognize him right away last season but Cedric was guest starring in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's first season and there was where I've heard his amazing pipes for the first time. I always liked Kenneth but this week I really loved him. His jokes were planted really well and his comedic moment was better than ever. Greeting Ghost Ray and later tossing him against the wan were clear highlights.

Last but not least there is JJ. Jimmy Junior's homecoming wasn't really what he expected it to be. Especially as he discovered the letter his crush Alexa send to him. I loved that the writers choose a girl with a disability to be JJ's new crush. I know it sounds weird but it makes their connection so much more honest and pure. It sounds even weirder considering they only shared one and a half scenes.

Still, the really big thing about this episode wasn't the kiss JJ and Alexa shared. It was a sweet moment indeed and a big step forward to JJ but the real game changer of this episode was Maya's speech to JJ. It was the perfect speech as always and it hit me right into the tear ducts.

"Alright, NO! Sorry. Darling, you don't get blame here. We will give get credit here, though. This whole ridiculous chase we are on, it's because of you. You've thought us to be spontaneous, to drop everything when it matters. You did it the first day you came, you did it yesterday. I'll tell you, it is my favorite of who we are. You make us, US! "

So phenomenal. Kudos to Minnie Driver for delivering this phenomenal speech with so much heart and soul. And once again Speechless thought us a valuable lesson, you can't micromanage life that isn't living. Being there for the people you love is.

With this beautiful not I will end this review. I hope you've enjoyed the return of Speechless and my review for that matter. Feel free to share your thoughts on the episode and my review in the comment section down below. Till next week.

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