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Salvation - Coup de Grace - Review

Salvation “Coup  de Grace” was written by Angela L Harvey and was directed by Dan Lerner, whose credits are too many to list here, but include Nashville, Bull, and Chicago Fire. The conspiracy takes center stage in this episode, and Darius (Santiago Cabrera) and Tanz Industries really comes under attack as Uncle Nicholas (the ever wonderful John Noble) exacts his revenge. Still no word as I write this on whether the show will be picked up for a second season…

The episode begins with just one of our current love triangles as Grace (Jennifer Finnigan) dreams about a romantic interlude with Darius only to be interrupted by Harris (Ian Anthony Dale) threatening her. It doesn’t seem like Grace and Darius will have clear sailing on any front, however, as Tess (Autumn Reeser) arrives at Tanz Industries for the emergency board meeting, taking Lazlo’s place, and not sporting her wedding ring as she’s separated. Will Darius return to his unrequited love or pursue Grace?

Meanwhile, Zoe (Rachel Drance) gets in deeper with Resist as she lies to Grace and spies on her. Grace ultimately finds out that Zoe has quit her job and tracks her down – to finally tell her the entire truth, only to have Zoe act like a total brat and drive off with Dylan (Andre Dae Kim) – who she appeared to be making out with. Is it just me or did it seem like Zoe suddenly turned into at different character? Or maybe we just never really had enough of her up until this episode do know her?

Grace and Darius finally go to Claire (Erica Luttrell) and Harris about the attack on Grace and demand to see the President. Claire once again stalls, admitting the President is unwell. Darius and Grace don’t believe Claire, so Darius calls Amanda (Shazi Raja) to be her source and confirm Project Atlas. Darius holds a press conference and addresses the President directly, finally getting him the invitation to see her that he wanted.

We start to see what’s really happening with the conspiracy. Calhoun (Brian Markinson) is threatened at his home, but sends Harris to deal with Darius. Claire says that Calhoun is involved with an inner circle who’s taken control of the government and that she’s been marginalized and doesn’t know anything.

Darius and Grace get in to see President Mackenzie (Tovah Feldshuh), and it quickly becomes apparent that Claire wasn’t lying – she’s erratic and confused. Unfortunately, Darius and Grace tell her everything. She either didn’t know about Project Atlas or has forgotten it.

John Noble is fantastic as the villain! He’s called the board meeting – after buying a board member out – and wants Darius to account for the missing $1 billion. When Darius says he can’t explain because it’s a secret project, Nicholas calls for a vote to have Darius removed as CEO! Tess tries to speak for him, but he ultimately loses the vote! Leaving us to wonder who will be in charge of Salvation now?

Harris calls on a friend to help him find out who made the call to kill Grace and the trail leads back to Calhoun. However, when Claire and Harris decide that the President herself is in danger and they go to her, she ousts Calhoun and appoints Harris as Secretary of Defense. I thought it really weird that Harris would promise honesty but not loyalty – why agree to serve if you don’t believe in her enough to be loyal – and why would she agree to let him serve when he says he won’t swear to be loyal?

Harris goes to confront Calhoun and finds him leaving with his husband, Jim (Jeff Miller). He tells Harris that he’s not the mastermind, and he’s clearly running scared. He warns Harris that there are landmines everywhere.

Meanwhile, I am really, really over the Jill (Jacqueline Byers)/Liam (Charlie Rowe) storyline. When Liam tells Jill they pulled off the launch and then tries to explain the kiss with Amanda, Jill is just a bitch. Mason (James Glibert) continues to be a prat and calls Liam “kiddo.” I have to admit that when Liam tried to talk to Jill in the cafeteria and she was again a bitch, I cheered when he told her “enough!” because it’s been more than enough for me. And Prick is a good nickname for Mason! I really wish they’d just left it at that and he hadn’t gone back to see her again.

Liam has more interesting things to do when he discovers an anomaly with the EM drive, and he and Darius realize that it’s been hacked! It looks like NASA may have been behind it – or was this the Resist plan? Regardless, the gravity tractor is going to impact the asteroid, causing it to decimate Russia and the rest of that area. If it was NASA – who remember, it was Claire who got them to help – maybe Resist can use their hidden tech to help?

The President does go through with her broadcast to take responsibility for Project Atlas – and tell the world about Sampson – which is clearly a mistake. However, while on full view of the entire world, she suffers a breakdown that incapacitates her. The episode ends with Vice President Monroe Bennett (Sasha Roiz) being sworn in – with a nice shot of Harris watching as Claire smiles – clearly happy that her plot has played out.

What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised that Calhoun maybe wasn’t such a bad guy, but Claire definitely is? Are you rooting for Grace with Darius or Harris? Who is behind the hack? What is Bennett’s endgame? Should Liam kick Jill to the curb? Will Nicholas take control of Salvation? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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