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Raven's Home - In Vision of Privacy - Review: "The Power of Friendship"

Well well well, it looks as if we'll be getting to know Tess a little bit better this week! I'm super stoked, as up until now we've only seen her on a superficial level. Let's jump right in!

The episode starts off with Booker, Levi and Tess at school - Levi telling Tess that they have to take the bus home. Tess won't be joining the boys, as since Nia's away she's going to stay back and "shoot some hoops with some random kids". She gets very defensive, asking why they're asking her so many questions... sounds a little fishy if you ask me.

Booker's taken aback too. He says him and Levi will join, to which Tess responds that the kids will be intimidated by Booker.

... Okay then.

After Tess leaves, Levi asks Booker if he noticed that Tess was acting a little... off. Booker doesn't think so - he sure does have intimidating levels of talent!

Back at the apartment, the boys are performing a magic show for the moms. Awwe! Levi is going to make a grapefruit disappear.

Ya know, or just squeeze it into the box and make juice. Whatever works.

It's so hard to impress magic skeptics.

And, behold, the grapefruit is... JUICY!

A for effort!

Booker volunteers to clean the mess up, but on his way to the kitchen is interrupted by a vision.

OH SNAP! Raven AND Chels are present for this one! Raven assures everyone that he's fine, herself having not caught onto what just happened either. Booker acts like nothing's wrong.

Booker tells Levi he saw something hilarious - having to do with Tess coming home from gym. They rush out to the hallway to watch this:

The boys laugh on the stairs as they see Tess "snuggling" with her basketball. She notices them, getting angry at Booker for spying. After telling him to keep his visions to himself, Tess storms into her apartment and slams the door. We've never really seen Tess mad before... I wonder what's up? The boys are concerned about what will happen to the basketball.

The next morning, Ray and Chels are making the boys lunch. It's the cutest thing i've ever seen.

... Until that is, we hear about the monotony of Booker's lunches. Chels says she switches up Levi's lunch everyday, because she cares. Oh, but don't worry, it doesn't mean Raven doesn't care. Yikes. To be honest, unless I have Jamie Oliver living in my house, someday my kids will be getting Raven style lunches too.

Levi wakes up and Chelsea greets him in the living room; he's still upset he couldn't perfect his magic trick for the moms yesterday. Chelsea reassures her boy that he'll figure it out with some practice, and that he has to get dressed for school. He says he will in a minute.

Is that a little talkback we hear?

Chels asks him, again, to pack up his stuff and get ready for school. Again, Levi replies that he will... in a minute. This is juicier than the grapefruit! Chelsea tells Raven to stay out of it, but, as we all know, that ain't gonna happen. She walks over to Levi and tells him to get ready - he complies. Seems like Chelsea's been getting lessons from Pushover Patterson from her teen years...

Did that episode not give anyone else nightmares?!

At school, the boys are spying on Tess, who's playing ball... and flirting, with a guy! Ooh la la!

Levi asks why they're spying on Tess... Booker doesn't want to call it spying - perhaps just standing behind a door!

Okay then.

Houston, we have a name! Jordan shows Tess how to do a trick, and Booker and Levi are totally excited at the thought of Tess having feelings for a boy. It's a different side of her! And, by the way, Tess and I are the same when it comes to flirting... we both can't get out a coherent sentence to save our lives.

Turns out Jordan volunteers at a seniors centre, but accepts Tess's invitation to play one-on-one the next day, after his shift. Booker and Levi are impressed, and walk away before Tess can spot them. They don't get far before Booker has a vision.

Oh no! Jordan's going to reject Tess! Levi's heartbroken that their Jordan is going to break Tess's heart. The boys are genuinely at a loss on how to help their pal.

Later, Booker knocks on Tess's door - and apparently her mom is soaking in the tub.

Yeah, maybe a little TMI.

Tess comes out, gets angry that Booker is talking about his vision of her and Jordan, and shuts the door in his face... again.

Booker wants his mom's help.

He asks if she's ever seen something bad happen to her friend before it's happened.


Raven asks how he would have seen something like that - to which he denies actually seeing something. Hypothetically he saw something. Y'know? Raven starts on a tangent about how she isn't psychic, and folks, I think we're getting closer to her finding out about Booker... and Booker finding out about his mama.

Ha ha, psychics aren't real!

Booker asks for his mom's advice on how to help Tess - she says he has to get involved. Booker responds that she doesn't want his help.

Oh, then he should definitely help. Chelsea, on the other hand, says Booker should respect Tess's wishes - reminiscent of the times Chelsea told Raven not to step in when she saw things through visions. The two have a back and forth about their difference of opinion, and Chelsea says they've agreed to disagree. Well, Chelsea has. They storm off.

In their room, the boys are trying to figure out what to do. Booker attempts to bend around the rules, suggesting he talk to Jordan rather than Tess. Levi's not sure about that. If he talks Tess up to him, maybe he'll want to go out with her! They decide to go down to the seniors centre where Jordan's volunteering. And lucky for them, Uber Baxter is at their service!

Look, Chels tagged along too! They're fully aware of what's happening, and only one of them is happy. The man in charge - Lawrence, not Larry - because he knows what he did! - tells everyone that they can't stay unless they volunteer. The boys sign up, Raven hesitant about herself; but, as Chelsea reminds her, she loves to get involved!

She's without a doubt thinking "ya lil' nasty!" in her mind at this exact moment. Look at that face!

The ladies are directed to Commando Joe - who, for the record, was not in the military.

Apparently he likes to dance, which is perfect because Dance Master Ray is going to show him how to pop, lock and drop it. He's a little confused, but he's down.

There are so many things I could say right now. Chelsea tells Raven she should let Joe decide what he wants to do. Well, he wants to break out and get a tattoo.

Choices? Not always a good thing, Chels.

Looks like Booker's having a good time!

A good time LOSING! After the unsuccessful arm wrestling match, Booker spots Jordan and tries to talk. He doesn't recognize Booker. Lawrence tells Booker that unless Jordan is a 96 year-old Cuban man, he has to get back to work.

Meanwhile, Levi got the short end of the volunteer stick:

He attempts to get Jordan's attention as he walks by, but Lawrence interferes, again. Back to work Levi goes!

Yup. Let it all out, little one. Also, I feel like this could definitely become a meme.

Booker asks if Levi's spoken to Jordan. He hasn't, and neither has Booker. It's also almost 3 - which means Activity Hour is wrapping up. Booker has an idea! Levi is going to perform his magic trick again. Except, they're just going to lock Jordan in a trunk so he can't hang out with Tess. Booker announces that Activity Hour has been extended!

Say whaaaaat? Lawrence blames Larry. Now I really gotta know what happened with those two.

The boys catch Jordan on his way out, forcing him to get inside the box before he can leave to "meet someone". How can they stall the seniors, Levi wants to know? Booker's just pure genius. He asks the crowd if anybody would like to show everyone pictures of their grandchildren.

SCORE! The key to a grandparent's heart.

In the dance studio, Chels is doing (some variation of) the tango with Joe. Raven says she's doing it wrong, and steps in.

She and Chelsea start arguing again, and Joe removes himself from the trio sandwich.

And then there were two. Raven says she should be teaching her kids who's boss, whereas Chelsea says decision making should be up to the kids. Except, they talk through Joe. Apparently Ray's 'Joe's are afraid of her. GASP!

They respect her.

After some more back and forth, while tango'ing, the two come to the realization that they're both good mothers who have to learn to be more strict... and more laid back, with their respective children. Then, we see this.

That's a 10 from Len Goodman! (Also, if you haven't seen it, watch this scene. It's incredible). All is good, until they notice Joe is gone. Chels ends up on the ground, where she picks up Joe's shirt. We have a Shirtless Joe on the run! So are the moms.

Booker has just taught the seniors how to text a selfie. An important lesson to learn, I must say. Levi alerts him that it's 3:15, and Booker says it's fine to let Jordan out now as Tess will be long gone from the gym. Raven and Chelsea appear, asking Lawrence if he's seen Joe. He hasn't.

Turns out Levi has!

MAMA! Booker needs another ride! This time, to the gym! The fam scurries out.

The boys arrive just in time... to see Tess be rejected. Jordan leaves, and Levi helps Booker understand that perhaps some things just aren't meant to be - even if his visions give him the chance to try to change the future. Booker walks into the gym to hang out with Tess as her friend, not as a psychic. This might be the most heartwarming moment of the series so far.

How adorable is this girl?! The two proceed to play some one-on-one.

The kids get home from the gym, and turns out Tess's mom never did her drivers test. Is anyone surprised? Without saying it, Tess thanks Booker for what he did that day.

Booker should have some faith in himself. He's a lot more than just a psychic; he's a good human being. Those are hard to come by.

Before we say goodbye to our favourite fam for another week, Commando Joe shows up. It's now evident to me why he's called Commando.

I'm a little ashamed it took me this long to figure it out.

Some things in life are inevitable. Raven never really came to terms with this in That's So Raven, and I think it's important that Booker is understanding it early on with his powers. It'll save him from a whole lot of... disguises... down the road. It was also neat to see that despite either of them admitting to being psychic, Raven understood Booker's desire to help his friend and did what she could to assist. Although, it isn't always about trying to change the inevitable; maybe, in some cases, we have to let things happen.

Tess is like all of us - we want control of our lives and the freedom to handle things on our own. But without friends, we'd be nowhere. Seriously. Where would I be without you, Rodas?! (Totally just name dropped one of my BFFs names, who happens to be equally as obsessed with Raven as me).

Down below, let me know what you thought of seeing a different side of Tess this week, if you know how to dance the tango, and if you, like me, believe we're inching closer and closer to Raven finding out about Booker... and vice versa!

PS - to those of you who follow along with these reviews weekly, starting next week they will be posted on Monday instead of Sunday. I'm excited to begin shooting my 4th Year University Thesis Project next weekend - a tween web series revolving around high school survival... from the POV of girls!

Catch Raven's Home Friday Nights on Disney Channel.

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