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Quote of the Week - September 3-23

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. Since there hasn’t been a lot of TV in the last few weeks, here’s our favorite quotes for the month so far. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

American Horror Story:
1. Kai: “There is nothing in this world more dangerous than a humiliated man.” (DarkUFO)
2. Kai: “The revolution has begun.” (DarkUFO)
3. Harrison: “Lesbians! We're under attack.” (DarkUFO)
4. Pedro: “It's scary to be brown these days.” (DarkUFO)
5. Oz: “Am I asleep, or are you real?” Clown: “You're asleep.” (DarkUFO)
6. Kai: “Stop saying sorry. For anything. That makes you nothing. Everything is somebody else's fault from now on. Do you understand? You wanna be somebody? You wanna matter? Then you make the world wrong.” (DarkUFO)
7. Ivy: “Ally...this thing you're becoming. This is not the person I married. I have been sensitive to your fears. I've dealt with the mental imbalances. I even tolerated the fact that you voted for Jill f*** Stein instead of Hillary.” Ally: “You said you weren't going to bring that up again…” (DarkUFO)
8. Harrison: “How does it feel to exercise your white privilege and execute people of color with impunity?” (DarkUFO)

Broad City:
1. Ilana: "We are so not dying today!" Abbi: "So not! I mean, what, are we gonna listen to her? She was eating a burrito bowl." (Milo)

The Good Place:
1. Michael: “It's a rare occurrence, like a double rainbow, or someone on the internet saying, "You know what? You've convinced me I was wrong.” (Milo and Prpleight)

1. Chad: “And b*** don't need a motherf*** dude as a friend. Just extra d*** around for no reason.” (Luca).

Midnight, Texas:
1. Manfred: “We save Fiji, kill a demon, close a portal to hell, and we don’t die. Sound like a plan?“ Lem: “My flesh is burning. Stop talking.” (Prpleight)

Rick and Morty:
1. Morty: “Who doesn’t wish they could talk to animals, Rick?” Rick: “Most humans.” (Laura)

1. President MacKenzie: "I will safeguard this nation; you will safeguard humanity." (Donna)

The Sinner:
1. Cora: “She depends on me.” JD: “Cora, if Phoebe really cared about you, she'd let you go. She'd tell you to go live your life. Has she ever said anything like that? You know why? She wants your life for herself. She's a vampire and as long as you stay with her, you'll be a shell.” (DarkUFO)
2. Cora: “You've given up.” Ambrose: “No, I haven't. I've hit a wall, that's all.” Cora: “With the case or with yourself?” (DarkUFO)
3. Frankie: “I feel like I've always known you. I look at you, and it feels right.” (DarkUFO)
4. Phoebe: “What happened to you? Something happened 'cause you're so sad.” Maddie: “No, I'm not.” Phoebe: “Yes, you are. It's all around you. I'm so sorry.” (DarkUFO)
5. Phoebe: “No, listen. You are waiting for him to ride up and choose you. That's not your game because you're a giant. You could, you could f** up anybody you wanted. You could have anything you wanted. Do you even know that?” (DarkUFO)
6. Cora: “I'm more free now than I ever was with you.” (DarkUFO)
7. Cora: “It was you. I remember your eyes. I know you did it for your son.” (DarkUFO)

Teen Wolf:
1. Scott: “We need a new plan.” Malia: “Not a dumb one.”
2. Malia: “I don’t want to die like this.” Scott: “Oh, Malia.” Malia: “Not like this.” Scott: “The more you talk, the more oxygen that you use.” Malia: “I don’t care. I’m not dying here. I was supposed to go to France. I’m 18. I haven’t been anywhere. There’s still so many things I want to do. I don’t want to die here. Not here. Not like this.”
3. Mama McCall: “You have known about the supernatural for 5 minutes and we have been doing this for a lot longer so trust me when I tell you that these kids can handle it. So let them do what they’re best at - saving our a**.”
4. Malia: “So what? You moved into a cave and took a vow of uselessness.”
5. Peter: “What’s the hold up? I have a lot of revenge to plan.”
6. Malia: “I’m here for moral support.” Peter: “For him or for me?” Malia: “You’d need to have morals.”
7. Mason: “You can feel it right. It’s like it doesn’t want us here.” Theo: “That makes two of us.”
8. Liam: “That’s agreeing with Theo.” Mason: “Yeah, but I thought I’d try to soften the blow a bit.” Theo: “Is everyone completely shocked that I might be right?” Liam: “No, we just don’t like it.”
9. Malia: “I don’t think we should be hanging out here, waiting for him to spring back to life.”
10. Sheriff: “If you’re coming for my friends, you’re coming for me.”
11. Argent: “You think someone with that much hate is going to have any love left over for you.”
12. Deucalion: “I didn’t think it was possible but I’m actually starting to wish I was blind again.”

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