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Midnight Texas - Blinded by the Light and Angel Heart - Review: Fallen Angels

Midnight Texas reviews 106 and 107

Midnight Texas once again takes things up a notch over the last few weeks and with two episodes set to air this week alone it certainly is giving us a double helping of this summer season show.
I am hooked and each week I look forward to seeing more from these characters revealing more of their back story. In these episodes, it has been the turn of us to see a bit more into Creek’s family. Though I don’t think anyone could have predicted the macabre secret being hidden and why her father didn’t want Manfred around.Then it's the Angel Joe who reveals his wings but in doing so could bring his own past to Midnight to haunt him.

In Blinded by the Light the Midnighter’s learn another girl has gone missing and in their search, they find another body, not that of the missing girl I might add. So, if BoBo and her psycho Boyfriend didn’t kill Aubrey this is the second victim leading the Midnighter’s to believe they have a killer in town. Suspicions soon lead to Creek’s father who is found over the body of the missing girl thankfully she is still alive but in a surprising twist of events its Creek’s little brother Connor who is the killer. Fleeing with Creek who soon realises he isn’t a victim but the killer. Jo gives chase stopping them with a blinding light. As Connor runs its Lem who finds him quickly snapping his neck. Her Father was protecting Connor all along and the reason Manfred wasn’t welcome is like most serial killers Connor collected trophies from his victims, these Manfred could hear their cries from.
Creek is devastated, feeling betrayed by all her family, Manfred feels at a loss as to what to do.
Joe warns them now he has revealed his powers they will come looking for him and calls Chuy, telling him to stay away from Midnight.

In Angel Heart, we learn Joe was a demon killer but the little twist in this episode is he fell in love with a demon, well half demon. Chuy returns and they both share their stories with the rest of the Midnighter’s.
Seems Joe has been hiding for a long time but his former mentor, also a little bit psychotic for an Angel, is hunting for him and soon arrives in Midnight causing trouble for the locals.
Breeda Wool is delightful as the bounty hunter Bowie.

Joe, of course, comes clean about everything; the poor Rev gets tossed around like garbage and the Midnighters secrets are not so secret with Bowie's mind reading skills.

Manfred also gets told about his part in the coming war and leading an army but first, they have a fallen Angel to stop. The plan to send her through a portal is a good one but she is much too powerful.

Joe gets into a fight but Bowie over powers him and Chuy lets his demon side come out, seems only Demons can kill Angels. However now a demon is loose in Midnight, I did smile at Manfred’s hide and seek with the demon Chuy. Soon Joe gets through to him but he struggles to keep human with the veil fraying, hell literally is coming to Midnight.

Creek who along with other Midnighter’s was held hostage by the psychotic Angel tells Manfred she needs time to find out who she is. Leaving Manfred, a reason to bail.

So, what are your thoughts regarding the upcoming battle?

Also, aren’t we all curious now as to where Madonna got the money to buy the bar/restaurant?
Where was Mr. Snuggly when there are giant birds flying around?
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