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Law and Order Special Victims Unit - Gone Fishin' - Preview

Wow, Season 19, that's right SVU is starting their 19th season. The season premiere starts with Fin on vacation in Cuba, where he just happens to run into an old suspect, Bryon Marks. So Fin cuffed Marks and throw him, in the van. When they got back to New York; Fin stuck to his story that he simply ran into Marks. See back in the day, Marks was arrested for raping three women, but before the trial started, Marks ran off to Cuba.

The whole episode is set around Marks, and trying to get the charges to stick. Why you ask? Well there is a little problem with the three victims, not everyone wants to bring up the past, but one is willing.  It doesn't stop there, Marks is a very charming man, and the Defense Attorney tries to use that as a defense strategy.

Meanwhile, Noah is at that age where he has to learn the difference between telling the truth verses telling a lie. In the season premiere Noah shows up to school with a bruise on his arm. So the school of course calls Benson immediately asking what's going on. Her mind went straight to, maybe another kid did it, or he fell. But that's not the answer the school was wanting to hear.

Will Marks pay for what he did all those years ago, and will the women finally get the justice that they deserve? Or will he charm his way out, just like he has done for everything else.

Can Benson teach Noah that telling a lie can lead to serious consequences?

The 19th Season premiere airs September 27 on NBC