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Dark Matter - Campaign Details - What You Can Do To Help

As many of you sadly already know, Dark Matter was canceled by SyFy after only three seasons. This show was beloved by many and the loss of the show completely baffling especially since the ratings were hardly down from its prior seasons. SyFy made the decision to cancel this show for reasons that none of us may ever truly understand. Now, in most cases, a cancellation would be the end of the road for a show. Fan campaigns have been successful in the past, but for every successful one, there are dozens upon dozens of failed ones. The most successful ones have the support and participation of those behind the scenes of the show. Unfortunately, it can be hard to get them involved in renewal campaigns. That's where Dark Matter once again deviates from the norm, because almost instantaneously after the cancellation was announced a campaign began to come together to fight for the show, but it wasn't entirely fan driven. The show's Executive Producer/Co-Creator Joseph Mallozzi made it clear from the moment the tragic news was revealed that he wasn't going to let this show go without putting up a courageous and inspired fight. It wasn't just him though, as the cast was quick to get into the action to inspire the fans and gather the troops. A battle cry went out and the fandom gathered to hear the plan of action. Twitter events have been launched to incredible results. The voices of the fandom have been heard and while the odds are still long, as Joseph Mallozzi chronicles in his daily blog, there is hope.

We here at SpoilerTV have been big supporters of this show and would like to do our part to help in the campaign to save this show. From the very beginning, Mallozzi has been clear that he has a five-year vision for the show. That means that all we, as a fandom and community, need to do is convince a service like Netflix (who already has the first two seasons on their service) to give this show a chance to finish out two seasons and bring the story to a proper ending. As such, we'll be updating this post with all the upcoming social media events that are taking place on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and any other platforms they choose to use to spread the word. Keep an eye on this post for what you can do and how you can participate and please follow the social media accounts noted below as they are the ones spearheading this incredible campaign.

Upcoming events:

Saturday, September 16th:

4 PM EDT/1 PM PDT: Twitter hashtag event. The hashtag details will be released roughly 30 minutes prior to the start time. Do not use the hashtag until the event begins and use no other hashtags other than the one provided. Please follow the below noted social media accounts for more detailed instructions.

Prior Events:

Friday, September 15th:

7 PM EDT: Reddit AMA with the cast of Dark Matter

9 PM EDT: A major and mission-critical Twitter event. Details of the hashtag to use will be revealed 30 minutes prior to the start time of the event. This post will be updated as well once the hashtag is revealed. Please follow the instructions provided by the campaign Twitter and Tumblr accounts referenced below.

Here is a list of some important social media accounts to follow for campaign updates:

Campaign Twitter: @DarkMatterFTL
-This account stays updated with all the upcoming twitter hashtag events to show potentially interested partners just how big of a reach this show has on social media. The goal is to get a new hashtag trending during every event. The hashtag is revealed on that account 30 minutes before the event begins, but do not use the hashtag until the designated start time. Also, do not use any other hashtags besides the one provided. That means that you shouldn't even hashtag the name of the show, though you should mention it in your tweet. For good measure, it doesn't hurt to tag Netflix (@netflix) as well since they are one of the best hopes for this show to get a second chance.

Campaign Tumblr: Dark Matter FTL Drives

Joseph Mallozzi's Blog
-Here he keeps fans apprised of everything that is going on behind the scenes. He shares as much as he can and provides fun tidbits and surprises about the show to remind the fandom all of what they are fighting for. He is a creator like no other who isn't going to let his show go easily and will fight for it until all possible avenues forward have been exhausted. Follow his blog to see what impact the campaign is having.

Joseph Mallozzi's Twitter: @BaronDestructo
-He keeps this updated real time with what is happening in between his daily blog posts. Follow him here as well to stay in the know about what is going on.

Who knows if this campaign will work or not, but whatever the outcome is at least we can all say we did our part. As long as the team behind the show are fighting for it we owe it to them to fight with them. They've delivered to us three amazing seasons and been beyond gracious with their time in respect to the fans. Help fight for Dark Matter and give back to the team that has given all of us so much. We're all #TeamRaza!

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