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Chicago Fire - It Wasn't Enough - Review

Welcome back! It's been a long summer waiting for Chicago Fire to return to our screens while we waited to see if everyone made it out of the building. Fortunately for us, this episode wasted no time answering our questions.

"It Wasn't Enough" picks up right where last season left off with most of 51 still trapped in the fire. We're reminded of Herrmann giving Mouch CPR and Casey giving his "good-bye" speech to Gabby. Chief Boden makes a controversial call to open up the water cannons. It's risky, but it's the only chance he has to save his men. I don't know about you all, but hearing Herrmann scream like like that broke my heart.

Cruz is able to get to Mouch and Herrmann, and Boden's able to find Casey. For a minute the show tricked us into thinking Casey was dead because we jumped straight from the fire to a ceremony with his picture displayed. But the ceremony is for Casey's bravery in the fire. He's alive! Of course, I think everyone thought Casey would be fine. He's (in my opinion) the most important person on the show. I think it's safe to say that Matthew Casey isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

I was shocked that everyone made it out alive. Since I did read the summaries before I watched this episode, I knew that everyone but Kennell was safe. But he made it, too, we just didn't see him. So thanks, Chicago Fire, for making me not have to go buy new tissues for this episode.

After the ceremony, Dawson and Casey return home just to see Dawson's dad leave. And then Dawson and Casey finally get to enjoy their first time alone together in a very long time. I like seeing Dawson and Casey happy.

Now, on to the other guy that was in danger: Mouch. This guy must be the luckiest guy in the world. He suffers a heart attack in a fire and somehow not only survives, but gets to go back to fighting fires. And he has a sandwich from Platt. How cute. Everyone is ecstatic to see him especially Cruz who still feels guilty for the way he acted. I thought it was funny that he bought him a couch, but sitting for long periods of time isn't good for someone who had a heart attack. So Cruz decides to make him a smoothie instead. He has a new nickname, too: Dead Mouch.

While Cruz continues to be the best friend ever to Mouch, Casey learns that he's being considered for Captain. He doesn't want it, but Dawson seems nervous that he wants to keep fighting fires. I don't blame her: she almost lost him. Severide jokes that he's not going to be happy when Casey outranks him. While Casey and Severide are chatting, a father runs screaming for help for his daughter who isn't breathing. Dawson and Brett save the day by managing to lodge the hot dog out of her throat.

Later in the episode, the firehouse gets called to a fire at Donna's school. On their drive Severide and Casey tell their men where to go, and as expected, Boden takes charge once they arrive. He's desperate to find Donna. The fire is blazing as students race out of the building, and Severide tries to save a student on fire. Boden screams for Donna, and we finally hear her scream for him. I'm so glad she was okay. I don't think we could have handled anything happening to her. One of the teachers isn't so lucky and is taken to the hospital badly burned.

We learn from Donna that the fire at the school was not done on accident. So I guess that this mystery will last for a few more episodes. I wonder if this person will cause more fires? Will they only set fires to schools? I always like seeing Donna so I'm fine with this story line.

At the end of 51's shift, Mouch announces that he has signed everyone up for the Firefighter Muster. He's very excited, but no one else shares his enthusiasm. He becomes emotional and tells everyone that he needs this. He also tells them about how he almost quit before his heart attack. I got a little choked up when he said he treasured these moments. After his speech, everyone is all in, and Casey says the Muster is a mandatory event. I love that Firehouse 51 is always there to support each other when they really need it.

In other news, Brett's friend, Hope, has to come to visit, and, of course, all the guys are interested. Cruz and Otis even did rock, paper, scissors over her. But guess who she wants to spend her time with? If you guessed Kelly Severide, you would be right. Stop me if you've heard this before: new girl shows up, dates Severide for while, and then leaves town. I hope that Hope serves another purpose besides being Severide's girl of the moment.

Severide is definitely popular because not only is he getting attention from Hope, but Stella is now living with him. She didn't get along with her landlord, to say the least, and she was kicked out. I don't know how I feel about her living with Severide. I actually liked them as a couple earlier in the series, but they seemed to step away from that. I guess I'm all for a Stella/Severide pairing if it's real and it lasts. Severide needs a solid and stable relationship.

At the end of the episode we get another Dawson and Casey scene at their apartment. This one is more serious than the last with Gabby blurting out, "Don't ever say goodbye to me again." I'm glad that she said something instead of bottling up her feelings. She's been through a lot over the course of this show, and she can't lose Casey. "I'll always come back to you," he promises. He better keep that promise.

I don't know that this was my favorite season premiere ever, but I thought it was decent especially since no one died. Besides the Hope/Severide scenes, I thought it was a solid start to the season. I'm so glad that it's fall, and Chicago Fire is back!

Other Thoughts:

- Some of you may disagree with me, but I love Otis and Stella's friendship. I thought it was hilarious that when he asked if she would switch shifts with him she made him tell her why. She couldn't switch with him, but she just wanted to see what plans he had on a Saturday night. Which, apparently, he goes to a skateboard design class.

- Did any one else notice when Gabby said that the bar had cops, doctors, lawyers, and then corrected herself and said, "Well, not so many lawyers anymore." Nice shade towards Chicago Justice getting cancelled.

- I agree with Herrmann that Mouch went a little overboard with Cruz. I get that Cruz felt bad about how he treated Mounch before the heart attack, but he used it to his advantage. Hopefully it's over, and we won't have to deal with it in the next episode.

What did you all think about "It Wasn't Enough"? How relieved are you that everyone is okay? Are you ready for Severide to have a serious and long lasting relationship? Are you glad we'll be seeing more Donna in the future? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

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