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American Housewife - Back to School - Review: "The Master Plan" + Poll

The Otto family is back in the second season premiere of American Housewife. Summer's over and Katie's more then ready to get the kids back to school and out of the house. With the start of school, she's planning to institute what she calls the "master plan," in order to free up her time. Prong one- Get Anna-Kat to do an afterschool club so Katie doesn't have to spend 45 minutes playing Eye Spy in the car with her while Oliver does ballet class. Prong Two- Oliver's ballet teacher "breaks his spirits," so Katie doesn't have to drive him to Norwalk. Prong Three- Taylor gets her license and no more driving for Katie. There may be few problems with the master plan though.

First off, Anna-Kat declares she won't be doing an extracurricular activity unless Katie does some extracurricular school volunteering as well. This leads to most of the episode's main plot of Katie trying to get back in the Westport moms' good graces. She's being blacklisted since that fake pregnancy last spring she pulled to get out of volunteering. Angela and Doris suggest an apology video, a la celebrity style. With some heavy editing, the video is launched. Unofficial head mom Suzanne shows up seemingly ready to accept Katy's apology. Instead, she tells Katy she needs to fix her own attitude before she's getting any love from the Real Housewives of Westport. They've decided they don't enjoy being mocked and made fun for "being healthy and active and involved at school."

Secondly, Taylor's license may have to be put on hold. She's decided she doesn't want to go to college. With her sub-par academic abilities, she's thinks it would be a waste of her time and of her parents' money. Greg, terrified to admit that there's a chance she's right, doesn't want to let her get her license until she agrees to change her mind.

Last of all, it looks like Oliver really loves ballet. Except his teacher hates him, assuming he's a rich brat since he lives in Westport. Katie sets off to remedy this, and ultimately does- after a full on knock-down-drag-out physical fight with the teacher. Oliver's teacher comes to the conclusion that he's probably not an uppity rich brat (What uppity brat has a mother who gets in fist fights?), and apologizes for judging him so quickly. This leads Katie to the conclusion that maybe she's been judging the Westport moms too quickly as well. In a dramatic bust up of the PTA meeting, Katie not only attempts to apologize, but volunteers to chair the spring gala. The last chair had a mental breakdown from the stress, so this is going to be fun...

Random thoughts:
-Doris used to work in crisis management? Oh god...
-I love how much Greg loves his recycling committee duties.
-Favorite quote goes to Greg- "Master plans are for villains in the superhero movies you drag me to, claiming the art-house films I wanna see are somehow always playing at 'bad times.'"

How do ya'll feel about Taylor's not wanting to go to college? Is this spring gala going to lead to Katie's own trip to the psych ward? Let me know what you think below!

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