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The SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition 2017 - Winner and Final Words

Hey all,

We have, once again, come to the end of the Series Competition - and, with it, our summer competition slate - for yet another year. Doesn't time fly? Anyway, we've got a winner. There were a handful of cheat votes removed, but even with that, 2017's winner...

Yes, Person of Interest has won this thing for a third straight year. (For disclosure, the final results having removed said cheat votes were 1,447-1,399 in favour of Person of Interest.)

It's a truly remarkable feat. This is its third win, all three of which have come in consecutive years. Since the end of its fourth season in May 2015, it has dominated around here to an extent that even Supernatural, in the early years of this contest, did not. After all, it broke Supernatural's record of 15 straight poll victories - POI is at 18, and counting.

Here's the updated full results listing. We've had 166 shows over eight years - ten new additions this time around.

Full link

Once again, another enjoyable competition. Voting numbers felt a touch lower than they might have been, though maybe that's just my perception of matters. Either way, it hopefully achieved one of the main goals of this thing's existence: helping pass the time before Fall TV kicks in. This was the first relatively quiet TV summer in a couple of years, as though we had reverted back to the early days of 2010. Not to say I'm not behind on a gazillion shows, though.

I'd like to thank DarkUFO, our site owner, for continuing to provide me with the platform to run this thing, and for being able to help me out when I don't understand how some of the technical stuff we use works (hint: It happens often).

But most importantly, I want to thank everyone who took part this year, whether you got involved at the nomination stage or the voting stage - regardless of participation level - or left a comment. Without all of you, running this competition would be a lot of wasted time and wouldn't exist.

So, what's next? Oh, yes. Fall TV. And, look! We're done just in time for the onslaught this coming Monday. It's almost as if I planned that one perfectly...

Anyway, no matter how many shows you watch or, indeed, how many you're caught up on, we've got continuing coverage of a whole hell of a lot of them right here on SpoilerTV. New show premiering soon and you want to see what we thought? Check out our reviews! (Bonus appreciation from me if you look at my specific page for reviews. I'll be writing about something soon, I'm sure.) We've got some regular features around here too, like Scene of the Week, Quote of the Week, Performers of the Month, Throwback Thursday and the SpoilerTV Podcast. I co-host that last one. And there's lots more to find around here, so if you're new, take a look around. You might like what you find.

This was an unprecedented, but not entirely unpredictable, victory for Person of Interest. Its success in this competition is now second to none and it showed here that even a year after its final episode aired, it still has the strength to win. In a year's time, it'll compete for a fourth straight crown. Surely it can't... can it?

For now, though, it is the champion. Until next year, namaste...