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Younger - Fever Pitch - Advance Preview: Bumps, So Many Bumps

"The universe wills it so."

Fever Pitch - Advance Preview

If you're a fan of Liza and Charles, you're excited about tonight's episode, and you should be, it's awesome, sometimes disappointing and full of angst, but so much fun. So I will leave you some teasers to prepare you for an exhilarating half hour.

- Kelsey takes a break from stress at the office and goes on a short holiday to a "members" only club with Josh and Lauren, who's always fun but never helpful.

- Charles continues to be amazing, even when confronted with uncomfortable situations and Liza is on the fence about everything.

- There's very little of Maggie and Diana, who are missed, but this episode called for some screen time focused on the other characters, and we'll see plenty of them next week.

- There are a few shocking moments, some good, some bad and some just depend on your perspective, there's not a lot more I can say without spoiling too much, but be sure to catch Younger tonight.

Wednesday, August 9th at 10 PM.