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Wynonna Earp - No Future in the Past - Review + Favourite Moment POLL

First of all, it is so exciting to see Bobo back. The character's death last season was expected, but yet upsetting as actor Michael Eklund portrayed the big bad with such colour, and his character had shown (in his scenes with Waverly especially) hints of someone we could one day sympathize with if somehow given a redemptive arc. There was definitely a lot to be explored with the character of Bobo, I could see him growing into the Spike of the Wynonna Earp world.

'No Future in the Past,' which saw Wynonna take a vision quest to the past to understand the motives of the Widows in Black, reenforced how awesome not only Michael Eklund is as an actor, but also what a character like Robert/Bobo could add to the show. Ultimately, he is brought back to life due to Wynonna dying for 77 seconds! Wishes do come true for this Earp fan.

The exploration of Robert or pre-revenant Bobo as an honest to good man was really well written. It's easy to hate him for leaving Doc in the well, but at the same time, his story is so heartbreaking. The man literally sacrificed his life for his dear friend Wyatt, only to be left alone in his dying moments.

The scene with Wynonna talking with Robert in the last minutes of his life was the emotional high of the episode, while explaining so much about why Bobo was so protective of Waverly last year. There is a real complexity and heart felt tragedy to Robert's story that is felt in 'No Future' and now that he is resurrected, his character will add much depth to this show. Also, is Bobo, as teased, Waverly father? This would be a welcome story, if true.

On top of giving us this wonderfull backstory, 'No Future In the Past' also pushed the main story forward, revealing that the final seal is the ring that Doc is wearing. The same ring that gives him eternal life. Eek. We also learn that by breaking the seals the widows are trying to bring Clootie back into Purgatory. Hopefully, this leads somewhere as last season's subplot of Constance bringing her sons into the world resulted to absolutely nothing after so much buildup.

This was also a monumental episode for Doc, whose love for Wynonna is clearly felt as he confronts the widows in black to protect her helpless body. Regardless of who Wynonna chooses in the end, she is fortunate to have the level of support she has from both Dolls and Doc.

Speaking of which, 'No Future' was one of the lighter episodes for Doc. The present day version of him was not given much to do last week other than convincing Rosita to get along with the Earp's. Rosita would later come up with the idea of a baby shower for Wynonna, who probably would not enjoy it, but good intentions nonetheless. The episode did a serviceable job in bringing Rosita closer to Team Wynonna, though there is still much to be explored with her character. Something tells me she is not as innocent and sweet as she puts up to be.

Another highlight of the episode was the continuing up and down relationship of WayHaught. It is understanding why Waverly is upset at Haught for keeping the results of her DNA away from her. Both Earp sisters want to make their own decisions, they have both proven to be independent minded individuals, and Haught not understanding and respecting that fact of her love is clearly a no no.

Overall, the episode did a great job in pushing the story forward while exploring Bobo's backstory - a character who unexpectedly and delightfully comes back to life. 'No Future in the Past' was a definite game changer, things are not going to be the same going forward for Wynonna Earp and co.