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Wynonna Earp - I See A Darkness - Advance Preview: “Tragedy Strikes”

Wynonna Earp is about to deliver one of its most emotionally intense and gripping episodes to date. There is no way to properly prepare for what is coming. The “keep calm and drink champagne” advice from last week does not apply here. Keeping calm will likely not be an option for most viewers and you’ll need something considerably stronger than champagne to survive this emotional rollercoaster ride. With one of their own in a serious life or death battle for survival, the team is forced to race against the clock to try and save their fallen friend. And the sad fact is that under these circumstances the odds are drastically against them.

This is a very serious hour of the show with more than a few tears shed throughout. There is some of the usual sarcastic banter that fans love, but it is overshadowed by a serious amount of heartache and anguish and a whole lot of fear induced concern. A good portion of the hour is spent at the hospital and the scenes that don't take place there show the team scrambling in desperation. Thes situation is so dire that it's all hands on deck with even some unlikely people trying to help. Secrets are revealed, bargains are made and betrayals happen as the condition of the character in question rapidly deteriorates. This is a fight for one of their own and the fallout from this situation will be catastrophic.

Even the most steadfast of viewers may find themselves shaking with nervous energy by the end of the episode. The acting is emotionally on point and the urgency of the situation is so pronounced that it’s impossible to not get sucked into the anguish the characters are experiencing. This is an episode that no one will forget anytime soon. It will have an impact on the audience and it will leave a lasting impression. The stakes have never really been quite this high in regards to the fate of a single character. It’s usually pretty obvious that the team will prevail and will win in the end, but never at any point in this episode is that an obvious outcome. By the end of the hour, the team will be forced to deal with an unimaginable tragedy.

Don’t miss this emotionally driven heartbreaking episode when it airs on Friday, August 11th at 10/9c on SyFy.

Hit the comments with your hopes for this episode. Are you emotionally prepared to survive what is coming?


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