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Wynonna Earp - Forever Mine Nevermind - Review

One week after Doc told Rosita to get to know the Earp sisters, the show's newest character dominated the proceedings in 'Forever Mine Nevermind,' a relatively light episode.

Over the course of the season there seemed to be more than meets the eyes with Rosita and in 'Nevermind' we got the surprising reveal that she is a revenant! Of all the things she could have been, that was not a reveal that was expected, but one I can't complain about as it helps spice up a character who is very bland compared to her cohorts.

The episode kicked off with small interactions between Rosita and Dolls, and then right after, Rosita and Wynonna. Both exchanges had their Wynonna Earp brand of humour, but they also really helped further establish Rosita as part of the team.

Of course, most of Rosita's screen time this episode was spent with Waverly, as they mulled together over their broken hearts. The chemistry between them was actually strong and the eventual kiss felt warranted. Hopefully though this does not lead to a love triangle as two triangles could unnecessarily turn Wynonna Earp into a soap opera.

The episode also gave us some strong, heated exchanges between Doc and Wynonna as they argued over his ring, the third seal. Both of their motivations were in character - Doc wanted to keep the ring to himself as it keeps him from ageing, and Wynonna wanted the ring to resurrect Clootie so that she could eventually kill him and end the Earp curse.

The eventual resolution that saw Doc get on his knees to pick up the ring and give it to Wynonna was an emotional moment. Doc has always been someone who thinks about himself first, but his devotion to those he cares for is his redeeming factor. The imagery of him bending down on one knee really symbolized how much of himself he is willing to give to protect and care for the love of his life.

The rest of this storyline with the painting and the doll felt like it was shoehorned in so that they could full their monster of the week quota. It all felt very random, especially considering that we only saw it near the end of the episode. However, it did lead to one of the best lines of the episode with Wynonna telling the doll creature, "we already have a Doll," before shooting it dead.

After last week's revelatory episode, 'Forever Mine Nevermind' felt like the calm after the storm, and it seems like it will be the calm before the storm too, judging by Amy's preview. Nevertheless, the episode did a solid job in further developing Rosita, as well as, exploring the tension between both Wynonna and Doc, as well as , Waverly and Haught.



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