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TV Actors - Top Paid Salary Table 2017

Thanks to Laura for the heads on this article from Variety that list some of the top saleries for 2017.

Note: In some cases, the per episode fees reflect additional compensation for their work as producers or for their profit participation stakes.

Robert De NiroUntitled/Amazon$775,000
Mark HarmonNCIS/CBS$525,000
Emilia ClarkeGame of Thrones/HBO$500,000
Nikolaj Coster-WaldauGame of Thrones/HBO$500,000
Peter DinklageGame of Thrones/HBO$500,000
Kit HaringtonGame of Thrones/HBO$500,000
Lena HeadeyGame of Thrones/HBO$500,000
Kevin CostnerYellowstone/Par$500,000
Kevin SpaceyHouse of Cards/Netflix$500,000
Claire DanesHomeland/Showtime$450,000
Ellen PompeoGrey’s Anatomy/ABC$450,000
William H. MacyShameless/Showtime$350,000
Emmy RossumShameless/Showtime$350,000
Billy Bob ThorntonGoliath/Amazon$350,000
Jason BatemanOzark/Netflix$300,000
Laura LinneyOzark/Netflix$300,000
Anthony HopkinsWestworld/HBO$300,000
Kiefer SutherlandDesignated Survivor/ABC$300,000
James SpaderThe Blacklist/NBC$300,000
Kerry WashingtonScandal/ABC$250,000
Elisabeth MossThe Handmaid’s Tale/Hulu$200,000
Jeffrey DonovanShut Eye/Hulu$175,000
Michael WeatherlyBull/CBS$175,000
Bob OdenkirkBetter Call Saul/AMC$150,000
Caitriona BalfeOutlander/Starz$100,000
Jonathan BanksBetter Call Saul/AMC$100,000
Sam HeughanOutlander/Starz$100,000
Mandy MooreThis Is Us/NBC$85,000
Milo VentimigliaThis Is Us/NBC$85,000
Sterling K. BrownThis Is Us/NBC$75,000
Claire FoyThe Crown/Netflix$40,000
Justin HartleyThis Is Us/NBC$40,000
Chrissy MetzThis Is Us/NBC$40,000

Kaley CuocoThe Big Bang Theory/CBS$900,000
Johnny GaleckiThe Big Bang Theory/CBS$900,000
Simon HelbergThe Big Bang Theory/CBS$900,000
Kunal NayyarThe Big Bang Theory/CBS$900,000
Jim ParsonsThe Big Bang Theory/CBS$900,000
Dwayne JohnsonBallers/HBO$650,000
Mayim BialikThe Big Bang Theory/CBS$500,000
Julie BowenModern Family/ABC$500,000
Ty BurrellModern Family/ABC$500,000
Jesse Tyler FergusonModern Family/ABC$500,000
Ed O’NeillModern Family/ABC$500,000
Melissa RauchThe Big Bang Theory/CBS$500,000
Eric StonestreetModern Family/ABC$500,000
Sofia VergaraModern Family/ABC$500,000
Jeffrey TamborTransparent/Amazon$275,000
Roseanne BarrRoseanne/ABC$250,000
John GoodmanRoseanne/ABC$250,000
Sean P. HayesWill & Grace/NBC$250,000
Patricia HeatonThe Middle/ABC$250,000
Julia Louis-DreyfusVeep/HBO$250,000
Eric McCormackWill & Grace/NBC$250,000
Debra MessingWill & Grace/NBC$250,000
Megan MullallyWill & Grace/NBC$250,000
Kevin JamesKevin Can Wait/CBS$200,000
Matt LeBlancMan With a Plan/CBS$200,000
Ellie KemperUnbreakable Kimmy … /Netflix$150,000
Nick NolteGraves/Epix$125,000
Leah ReminiKevin Can Wait/CBS$125,000
Craig RobinsonGhosted/Fox$125,000
Adam ScottGhosted/Fox$125,000
Sela WardGraves/Epix$125,000
Tituss BurgessUnbreakable Kimmy … /Netflix$90,000
Donald GloverAtlanta/FX$75,000


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