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Throwback Thursday - Dawson's Creek - Downtown Crossing - "Little girls and their daddies"

Throwback Thursday is a weekly article in which we look back at our favourite TV episodes from over the years.

For as long as I can remember Dawson's creek has been one of my favourite shows, actually, it's probably my all-time favourite show. I've watched all six seasons more times than I can count but I never get sick of this show. With this in mind, it was a no-brainer when it was my turn to pick an episode of a show for a "Throwback Thursday" review.

The episode I picked to review is a really special one and it might be an odd choice since only one of the regular cast members are actually in the episode, but I just think that this is a stand-out episode from the show. Joey Potter is one of my favourite characters that's even been on my TV-screen and Downtown Crossing definitely show why that is.

This episode of Dawson’s creek:
Joey gets mugged by a street robber who forces her to empty her bank account but minutes after he robbed her, he gets hit by a car in a hit-and-run when he’s trying to cross the street.

Instead of calling the police, Joey sits with him and waits for an ambulance to come. At the hospital she decides to stick around to see how the mugger is doing since she feels that there’s some similarities between him and her own father. This only strengthens when she meets the muggers estranged wife and his young daughter Sammy, who reminds Joey a lot about herself when she was young.

The episode ends with the mugger not making it through surgery and to spare his little girl’s feelings, Joey tells her that her dad saved Joey by pushing her out of the way when a moving car came by.

Favourite character:
Out of the regulars, only Joey appear in this episode but that's not why the award of favourite character goes to her tonight. It's because you really get to see who Joey is as a person in this episode and how much her dad has affected her life without even being physically present in the episode. The parallels between the mugger and Joey's dad are so clear in this episode and Katie Holmes really does shine during the whole episode.

Favorite scene/Standout moment:
When Sammy asks Joey if her dad did something bad to her, and Joey decides to tell her that no and that he saved her life. You can tell that Joey wanted to spare that little girls feelings and that she maybe wished that someone had told her something similar about her dad when she was younger.

Favorite quote:
Sammy: Did my dad do something bad to you?
Joey: No, he did something really nice for me.
Sammy: He did?
Joey: Yeah. I was crossing the street, and I wasn't paying any attention, and there was this car coming and it was gonna hit me, but then your daddy came out and pushed me out of the way. He saved my life tonight"

Have you watched all seasons of Dawson's creek like I have? What did you think about this particular episode? Please, let me know in the comments below, and if you somehow haven't watched this show, I definitely recommend that you do because it's amazing!