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The Fosters - Chasing Waterfalls - Advance Preview: "Right Now"

So welcome back to this week's preview of The Fosters. Things definitely slow down after last episode's one-two punch of Jesus low-key purposing to Emma and Brandon catching Gabe and Cortney mid lip lock. While things aren't as intense, there are some great emotional conversations between several characters that ignite all the feels. Sometimes it's nice to take a slight break from the overwhelming drama and just sit back and watch some of the quieter moments play out on screen. That doesn't mean this episode is boring by any means; it just means you're not going to get a headache trying to keep up with all the outrageous developments.

After receiving a poor critique in art class, Callie finds herself growing closer to Aaron. The synopsis and promo for this episode definitely give a good indication of what may or may not happen, but the real heart of this storyline is Callie being vulnerable and bearing her soul to Aaron. The couple goes on a hike, and the outdoor excursion ends up being really cathartic for Callie. She opens up to Aaron in a way we’ve only really seen her do with Brandon. The conversations between the couple are enough to cue all the shipper feels as Aaron says all the right things in the moment. Not only does Callie find herself opening up to a person like she never has before, but she actually listens and takes in what he says. I know not everyone has been on the Callie/Aaron bandwagon, but I definitely think this episode will sway you. I still believe that Brallie is endgame, but what Callie needs at this point in time is someone like Aaron in her life. He’s stable, caring, and kind; he has stood by her since day one and never made her feel ashamed for the way she is. This is the first real relationship Callie has been in that’s healthy and appropriate. Being with Aaron teaches her that just because she made mistakes in her past, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve good things in the future. I really think Callie will continue to grow into the heroine we know she can be, and her relationship with Aaron continues to be a stepping stone in the right direction.
Elsewhere, Brandon finds himself still processing the shocking discovery of Gabe and Cortney’s liaison. So what does it mean when your ex-girlfriend who’s been staying in your garage with her three-year-old son hooks up with your adopted siblings’ biological father who has also been living in your garage because he is homeless? Does it mean you still have feelings for said girlfriend or are just trying to process the newly effed up relationship? Well, all will be revealed in the episode, but I’m getting really tired of repeatedly chastising Brandon for the same thing. Cortney and Mason need to find somewhere else to stay because the two of them and Gabe shacking up in Adams-Foster’s garage together is not an option. I’m pretty sure Stef and Lena would be less than pleased if they found about this new development. Cortney needs to find someone else’s life to ruin, and Brandon needs to let her go for good. After last week’s episode where Grace got drunk because she was insecure about Brandon and Cortney, he really should have picked up on Grace’s discomfort and given Cortney the boot. Brandon and Cortney are no longer together; therefore, it is no longer his job to save her. Like I’ve previously said (a lot) Brandon’s going to screw up his relationship with Grace if he continues to be there for Cortney. And, we thought Callie didn’t learn from her mistakes?

And Mariana, of course, tries to get closer to Logan by being just his “friend.” Mariana is a lot of things but subtle is not one of them. I mean she’s been openly flirting with Logan since day one, and yet he didn’t mention he had a girlfriend until after the roller derby party. Either the guy is clueless, which I don’t think he is, or he just likes the attention, which I think he does. Despite Mariana’s faults she deserves better than a guy like Logan, who purposely strings her along. I really wished she could have worked things out with Mat (and not just because I’m a fan of Jordan Rodrigues) because he’s a great guy, but I get that she hurt him one too many times for him to ever trust her again. It can sometimes be hard to root for Mariana, but she really did prove that she’s grown when she told her moms about Jesus’ seizure and came clean about roller derby. She’s flawed like the rest of us, but she deserves a guy who’s interested in only her. So will her plan to insert herself into Logan’s life blow up in her face? Probably, but let’s hope at least something good comes out of it.
Meanwhile, Jude is having difficulty juggling his friendship with Taylor and his relationship with Noah. It’s the age old question of what do you do when you get a boyfriend? Television shows have posited multiple theories over the years, but it’s always a balancing act. I can understand it from both characters’ perspectives. Taylor just wants to spend time with her best friend while Noah feels neglected about Jude not making time for him. Jude is just being pulled in multiple directions and doesn’t want to hurt either of the people he deeply cares for. Both Taylor and Noah have been important people in Jude’s life with Taylor helping Jude come to terms with his sexuality and Noah helping Jude move on from Connor. Of course it makes sense that Jude doesn’t want to give up either relationship. So what is a teenager to do? Well the solution that someone comes up with is actually pretty funny. I mean it would be easier to cut Jude in half so everyone could have a turn to play with him, but since that wouldn’t work, this will have to do.
Lastly, Lena’s parents are back in town for a visit. So that means we get to see Dana and Stewart Adams once again. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Dana because she always comes down too hard on her daughter and usually makes ridiculous requests that have no bearing in the context. Dana, once again, makes an outlandish request that makes me want to go into the TV screen and shake some sense into her. It’s hard to completely hate her because while she may have her faults as a mother, she usually gets it right when it counts. Stewart, on the other hand, is always a welcome sight as his unconditional love for Lena and his easygoing nature are greatly appreciated when compared to Dana’s rougher edges. The twosome do balance each other out, and over the course of the episode it is revealed that one is them is going through something that puts some of things into perspective. I hope that wasn’t too vague or cryptic, but there are certain problems people face as they get older, and The Fosters deals with that issue in stride.

So don't forget to watch a new episode of The Fosters when it airs Tuesday, August 22 at 8 on Freeform. Before you hit the comments, check out a few of my favorite quotes from the episode:

“Being best man comes with a lot of responsibility. You’re gonna have to throw him a bachelor party. Just don’t get strippers, that’s like so Neanderthal.”
“My boyfriend and my best friend are both upstairs, and they won’t stop fighting over who gets to spend time with me.” / “Oh, it must be hard to be so wanted.”
“I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I may have just negotiated the greatest peace talks since Camp David.”
“Be more careful, or otherwise Mason’s gonna end up with a nail in his head like Jesus. It’s dangerous with all this shit lying around here.”
“The truth is no one knows the entirety of who they are. And if they say they do, they’re either lying or really really lame.”

So hit the comments below to let me know your thoughts. Who is Callie's OTP? Is Mariana's plan going to blow up in her face? What issue will either Dana or Stewart face?

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