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The Bold Type - Three Girls In A Tub - Advance Preview: Honesty And Frustration

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"Come in! There's room."

Three Girls In A Tub

Hey, guys, I didn't want to miss out on discussing this episode with you, but honestly, there's very little I can say without spoiling something, but I'll give it a try. Next week on The Bold Type all three girls get a cold shower of sorts, and they even got a tear or two out of me, which is saying a lot for this kind of show, though this should actually be no surprise since it's very hard to put The Bold Type comfortably in a box.

One of the good things about this episode is that we got to see more of Jaqueline's personal life, not just her as a boss, and I loved that, because that woman is a gem, and everything related to her simply becomes better. Most of the other storylines have good and fun stuff, but also a lot of not so good stuff, my hope is that this is just setting up for things to get better towards the season finale, and God I hope this show gets renewed, I honestly can't get enough of this people, even when they make me hurt. And this time the acting impressed me too, there's one scene that's just amazing, there are barely any words said and yet so much transpires.

This time, Kat struggles with being a good boss and a good person at the same time, and she gets a little careless. Sutton realizes she hasn't been networking enough which leads to a few very funny scenes, and Richard decides he should meet her friends. And on Jane's side, I have to say I was glad to have Pinstripe finally back, but some dangerous words are said and they lead to trouble, so Jane meets "set you up" guy, and it makes me wonder why the men in her life have no name.

So, relationship-wise I have to say this episode was a bit disappointing (there were a few heart-aching moments) some things were solved, no all, but the friendship... I have to say in only a few episodes, these girls have portrayed one of my favorite TV friendships of all time. They are amazing and hilarious, and each others' safety net in the good, the bad and the ugly, and the bathtub scene between these three is definitely the best one on the show. I already love them so very much and I hope we get to see a lot more of these amazing women. And that is why this transcends which person any of them are with, even if romance is a very big part of the show, I'd like to see these women hold each other through every heartbreak, every disappointment and every hard day at work. Are you guys in it with me?

Some quotes:
"Sometimes letting someone go can be the best thing for both of you."
"I want to be a better boss lady."
"Yes, I'm that girl."
"How does that sound?", "Expensive."

Catch The Bold Type Tuesday August 15th at 9/8c.

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