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The Bold Type - Three Girls In A Tub - Review + POLL

This week on The Bold Type, Jane unintentionally tells Ryan that she loves him which makes things awkward. She joins a dating app for work and meets Landon. She tries to date both of them but in the end, decides to break things off with Ryan. Jacqueline celebrates her 20 wedding anniversary. Kat struggles with an employee who keeps making mistakes and ends up having to fire her. Sutton needs to network for her job but accidentally gets high which ruins her dinner with Richard and the girls. Things don’t improve when Kat yells at Richard. He and Sutton realize that their relationship isn't working and break up. 

Favorite couple: Amidst all the break-ups and romance drama, Jacqueline and Ian celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. Despite how hard she works, they still managed to make it work. I really wish we’d seen more of them together. They do seem to have a very beautiful relationship. I can totally see why they’d be an example for Jane. They look perfect and seem to be as in love with each other as ever. 

Too bad: Jane has changed quite a bit these past few weeks when it comes to confidence in the romance department. She really took charge with Landon, which seems quite different from the Jane we saw earlier this season. But I did like her and Ryan together and I’m sad to see them end things. I totally understand why Jane broke things off, he doesn’t really feel like someone who’s ready to settle down. But I think he was good for Jane, got her out of her comfort zone, challenged her. I hope that this isn’t the last we see of Ryan. 

I feel your pain: I hope that I will never be in the position that Kat was this week. I already have enough anxiety as it is if I ever had to fire someone I’d probably cry (which would not be helpful). Kat really tried to fight for Natalie, though, and I admire that. But if it doesn’t work out, there’s not much you can do. I had actually hoped we’d get to see how Kat handled this. I know it can’t be easy and she probably feels like this reflects on her as well since this was the first person she’d hired. 

Inevitable: We all knew Sutton and Richard couldn’t go on like this. Dating in secret is fun at first but things eventually get too complicated and difficult. Keeping their relationship a secret just took too much effort from both of them. Would coming forward with their relationship really have that many consequences? Sure, people would talk but I’m sure that would die down eventually. But if neither of them wanted to risk it, it really is better that they end it now. I just hope the writers don’t immediately push Sutton into a relationship with Alex. Please keep her single until the end of the season. 
Personal nightmare: Now Sutton didn’t exactly have a great week before the break-up. Her boss very subtly told her to go socialize with people who have connections. Sutton didn’t do terribly at the party, though things were a bit awkward at first. But seriously, how did no one mention there were drugs in the food? Do they not get how dangerous that is. It seemed to work in Sutton’s favor, though and made her relax a bit more (that does not mean that you should try this at home). She’s lucky all that happened was that it ruined dinner and that she didn’t have a work engagement. But I do admire her for taking charge of this networking thing. Seems like a nightmare to me. 

Best quotes: Jacqueline: “Alex, how about you?” Alex: “Single, ready to mingle.” Jacqueline: “Oh, that was so refreshingly easy. The story is yours.” Jane: “No, I can do it. I’m not exclusive and I could date more than one person at a time so, yeah, I’ll do it.” Jacqueline: “Great, please try to make the article shorter than this exchange.” 
Jacqueline: “How’s the story coming?” Jane: “Great, turns out my friends know me better than I know myself because I have a second date with their match and he doesn’t have genital piercings. Actually, that remains to be seen.” Ian: “God, I miss being 25.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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