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The Bold Type - No Feminism in the Champagne Room - Review + POLL

This week on The Bold Type, Sutton has to decide if she’ll take her dream job even though it offers less money than she’d expected. She does end up taking it after making some demands. Kat is overwhelmed with how quickly things are progressing with Adena and freaks out. When she realizes what she truly wants, Adena tells her she wants to work things out with her ex. Jane and Scarlet almost got sued because of an article that Jane wrote. Things worked out in the end when Jane realized her mistake and apologized. 

#Goals: Sutton is the character that has surprised me the most. At first glance, she seemed to be the character that I would relate the least to, but week after week, she’s proven me wrong. I couldn’t help but wish I was more like Sutton when it comes to work. She’s so level-headed when it comes to this stuff. She’s leaving her current job for a job she’s always wanted but the paycheck is less than she expected. But she didn’t just settle or chicken out. She thought it through and reviewed her options. It’s one thing to do a job that you love but if you end up broke because of it, there’s not much of a point. A lot of the time in cases like this on TV, the character goes back to the boss with the same demands. But it’s not realistic for a boss to just change his mind because you’re willing to walk away. Sutton knows this, this is why she went back with reasonable demands. She even researched them thoroughly, once again proving how valuable she is. I was really proud of her this week. 

Favorite character: After five episodes, I’m already extremely attached to Kat. She was in completely new territory this week. I can imagine how everything must have felt overwhelming. Aside from organizing a huge event for Scarlet, she also was about to be in her very first relationship. I think things may have moved a bit fast for her, and the Coco situation did not help, which is why she freaked out. It’s all so new for her and I think she may have felt like she couldn’t compete with Adena’s ex. When she did figure things out, it was already too late. 

Don’t hate me: Which brings me to my next point. Am I the only one who felt like Adena moved a bit fast. I can't help but notice, and I’m sure Kat will too, how quickly she went back to Coco. Kat was obviously freaked out because of how fast things were moving. I kind of wish Adena had given her a bit of time to figure things out. I really need to know more about Adena and what she felt this week. 

Oops: Jane had to deal with the fallout of a mistake she made this week. While writing an article about someone she admired, she didn’t consider the fallout it could have. I think this is something that every journalist faces at some point in their career (not that I’d know). At first, she didn’t think she’d done anything wrong because her article was positive. That’s why she didn’t think there could be a negative fallout. When she realized she was wrong, she took responsibility. She apologized, even though the lawyers told her not to, and she was willing to accept the consequences. While this was probably a bad week for Jane, she did grow a lot as a journalist. 
Best quotes: Jane: “What’s with you two?” Kat: “I am waiting for Adena to call and tell me she broke up with Coco.” Sutton: “And I can’t afford to take the assistant job.” Jane: “I still win, but Sutton comes in second.” 
Sutton: “Are we excited for her or nervous.” Jane: “A little bit of both. … Soul Wheel?” Sutton: “Hard no.” 
Sutton: “Do you think I could be a stripper? They make really good money.” Jane: “Yeah, but your boobs aren’t big enough.” Sutton: “Dammit, that’s discrimination.” Jane: “So, sue me.” Sutton: “I’ll get in line.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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