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Teen Wolf - Raw Talent - Advanced Review

While the premiere focused on where the characters were going, this episode is all about setting up the final plot and main theme of the season: Fear makes monsters of us all. Back in Beacon Hills, the “monsters” aren’t really hiding their special status well. Let’s just say that if they had a secret identity, they would be wearing it as a nametag. Even Scott is not immune from sloppy monster behavior when he starts to wolf out in front of the non-supernatural too. Not that the civilians are doing much better. Fear is running rampant in much the same way that it did with the steampunk scientists. It’s subtle but it is there. Except when it is not that subtle - enter Shady Guidance Counselor 2 and the head of Eichen House, who are controlled by their fears and each go after a fan favorite.

In an episode with double the villain monologues and plotline anvils, the highlight is by far Lydia. For much of the episode, she is in full banshee mode. She searches for the sounds in her vision to try to determine their source and thus identify the threat. While the season’s Big Bad is likely to remain a mystery for a few more episodes, it does lead to Kick Butt Lydia and that is always a plus. Add to it the Argent shootout and there is decent action in an episode largely overcome by too much exposition and stilted pacing along with too little humor, although Malia tries.

Grade: C+

Episode Tidbits:

2 previous villains return, one with the biggest filler montage yet.

2 of Team Parent return.

Creepy Beacon Hills High body is extra creepy with a side of “Huh? Say what? I don’t get it.”

It’s not just Lydia seeing things this episode.

Flashbacks to seasons 1 and 5 and references to others.

Liam’s IED returns after taking a break for a couple of seasons.

People in Beacon Hills really need better passwords.

Warning - If you are not a fan of spiders, this may not be the episode for you.

Bingo Square - wolfsbane


“For the record, I had everything under control.” “Clearly.”
JV Squad is a little toned down compared with the premiere, which gives slightly more Scott time
Malia, Scott, and Argent interactions
Most Kick Butt Character - Lydia
Shoot out
Tall Prep Blond (TPB aka Brett) knocks Liam down a peg