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Support, Questions, Help and Feedback - Please all read *Updated 16th July 2020*

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Update: 16th July 2020 Been a while since we "bumped" this.

Hey All,

We've been seeing a number of people using the article comments section to report issues, bugs, questions, problems and suggestions. This is NOT the place to ask.

We get 1000's of comments a day on the site and we can't possibly monitor every comment to see if it's a questions, bug report, suggestion and/or technical issue. People don't read the comments section here on SpoilerTV to see people asking questions about why their browser/computer etc is not working :)

We have plenty of official ways to get your question/feedback/suggestion answered.

From now on any such comments will be removed from the comments area.

Using the correct method below will get your question/feedback/suggestion answered much much quicker.

Suggestions / Site Feedback / Bug Report

If you have any suggestions or feedback about the site or how we run the site then please use our Feedback Form.

Please also use this for general bugs. This is the preferred method.

When submitting you can select either "Add New Idea" or Bug Report.

We love hearing about your suggestions about new features we can add to the site or change things we do currently etc. We can't promise that we can do them all but we do read and consider them all.

Technical Issue

If you have a technical issue that is affecting you personally eg a video not playing, images not showing, can't view a poll, or anything else please email so that one of our Support Team can help you personally.

or you can fill out a more detailed Support Ticket.

Disqus Comments Blocked

If your Disqus account has been blocked from commenting you can try Requesting an Unblock

Comment Moderated

If your comment has been held for moderation, it simply means that some symbol, word, phase and/or combination of all 3 has triggered the Disqus moderation system. One of the team will be alerted and will approve your comment in due course. Do NOT post comments asking "Why is my comment being moderated".

Bad Advertisements

If you come across a mis-behaving advert eg one that auto plays audio without you asking, or a video that plays over the top of the whole screen or one you feel is inappropriate, then please file a bad advert report here..


If you have any scoop/news to share that has not already been posted on the site, please use the Submit Scoop Form or email your scoop to

In both methods please provide as much info as possible. eg Showname, Episode, What the info is eg Promo, Casting, Sneak Peek etc etc. The more info you provide, the more likely we'll be to post your info in a timely manner.


If you are new to the site then we strongly recommend that you read our FAQ/Help Document here.

If you ever need to contact us about anything at all, please don't hesitate to email

If you have any comments about the above you can leave a comment below and we'll try to answer it.

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