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Suits - Episode 7.09 - Shame - Promo, Promotional Photos, Interviews & Synopsis

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Mike proposes a power move to boost business; Harvey's past causes complications; Rachel's father wants to join forces; Louis mentors Brian.


What kinds of notes does the network give you guys at this point?

Korsh: The network and studio in general — even from the very beginning — have been incredibly supportive. They’re passionate champions of the show. They never sit back and say, “Do whatever we don’t care.” And they never make us do a thing we don’t want to do. They’re like a mirror and ask questions that are smart. They want us to think about the repercussions of things we do. They push us to realize the consequences of the decisions we’re making and to make sure we’re really good at what we’re doing. This year early in the season Harvey was going to promote Donna to be partner. They pointed out that it was a big step. Of course it was too much. But that led us to think about Harvey being overwhelmed and making a terrible decision and then dealing with the consequences and Harvey having to basically demote her in another episode. They never said not to do it, but they pointed out the validity of it and we walked it back a little bit. That’s an example of a great partnership; it led to more story in the next episode.

DEADLINE: What about Louis and Sheila? Was the hookup a one-time thing or will Sheila stay in the picture?

KORSH: Rachael Harris was a series regular on the first show that I ever worked as a writer on, and I’ve always loved her as an actress, also Peter Cambor who plays Nathan at the clinic. There is a funny story — we were discussing Louis and Sheila. We have a new editor this year, and the editor said, it’s always been Sheila for Louis, it wasn’t really Tara. When he is talking about closure with Tara, he really means Sheila. This is just an editor coming from outside. We already had this story in mind, so this was an interesting dovetail into that.

I think that Sheila will be destined to play a significant role throughout the Suits life, we haven’t broken the back six yet so I can’t be sure, but I don’t suspect this would be a one time thing, and certainly we play the ramifications of what Louis does in the future episodes.


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