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Stitchers - Maternis - Advance Preview: “Unexpected Journey”

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This season finale of Stitchers involves two of the most important stitches the team has ever conducted. It also challenges them like never before. This episode answers so many questions and asks so many more. There is a cliffhanger, but it’s not a traditional cliffhanger. The ending will, however, leave fans demanding another season. It’s a powerful hour with many poignant character moments and intense sequences. There are betrayals, lies, and secrets along with fights and gun battles, oh, and a few tears for good measure. It’s an intense emotional roller coaster ride that caps off the best season of this show with its most complex and game changing season finale yet.

Relationships have been a hallmark of this season and each one gets a little bit of time to be dealt with. Some end the hour better than others and some may undergo changes that will forever change their dynamic. It is a trying episode for everyone involved as the stakes are so high and what they are doing is so incredibly dangerous. Their first stitch paves the way for some of the biggest questions of the series to finally be answered. The answers are shocking, to say the least. The odds that anyone could even remotely guess right are slim to none, that’s how surprising this is.

The ending is intense and surprising and opens up the series to go so many different directions next season. The problem is Freeform hasn’t ordered another season yet. So take to your social media accounts and let Freeform know how badly we all want to see this show continue. Use #RenewStitchers and #StitchersSeason4 if you’re on Twitter. Tell the network that the audience is behind the show and give them every reason in the world to give this show another season. We’ve all been guilty of thinking each season finale of the show is its last episode, but the show keeps beating the odds so we each owe it to the show to keep fighting for it. Make your voices heard and there is no better time than during this amazing season finale. Emotionally prepare yourselves because this one goes straight for the heartstrings.

This season finale is one intense roller coaster ride that no one will want to miss, so be sure to tune in on Monday, August 14th at 9/8c on Freeform to see what comes next.

Hit the comments with your hopes for the episode. How do you think the season will end? What do you hope will happen?

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