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Stitchers - Kill It Forward - Advance Preview: “Who And What Really Matters”

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This episode of Stitchers is directed by series co-star Salli Richardson-Whitfield and she delivers an outstanding hour of television. Surprisingly this one is very Maggie centric and dives into a moment from her past that comes back to haunt her. Performers usually are assigned episodes to direct when their character has minimal involvement, but Maggie’s front and center this week. That makes it all the more impressive that Salli Richardson-Whitfield was able to produce such a strong episode. They say that actors can make some of the best directors because they know how to pull the best performances from other actors. She had it easy with this cast because they are all exceptional performers, but she still drew out some really powerful performances from them. She should definitely be extremely proud of this episode because it is an incredible one.

The fallout from last week’s stunning ending is addressed in an interesting fashion. It will also have an impact on the team causing an underlying level of tension throughout the hour. There is another issue within the team as one member gets another into a precarious life or death situation. The repercussions of which is an epic gun fight. There are a lot of relationship fallouts and not just in regards to the romantic ones. On the opposite side of that, there are also some terrific relationship moments. Surprisingly, one relationship that seemed doomed experiences a very unexpected resurgence. One of the characters involved has an epiphany that inspires them to make a bold move to try and put things right.

The final act of the episode is emotionally driven with a montage of what is happening with each character. The song that plays over the montage is sung by series co-star Allison Scagliotti and it is a wonderful song that really showcases how incredible of a singer she is in addition to being a truly gifted actress. While the episode begins by dealing with an array of relationships they aren’t the main focus. Mentions of certain relationships come up but aren’t really dealt with in any major way until this final act. The episode ends on a major note that seems to heavily key up the season finale. Prepare yourselves because a lot happens in this episode and the final act is surprising.

Don’t miss this episode when it airs on Monday, August 7th at 9/8c on Freeform.

Here are some quotes to tide you over:

“The truth is I haven’t been alone since you joined the team.”
“It’s all in the reflexes.”
“You know that’s a little harsh, right? Cable just cancels your subscription.”
“Don’t live in the past, it’s not healthy.”
“Our fate is our own, to mess up however we want.”

Hit the comments with your thoughts about the episode. What do you hope will happen? Which couple do you think randomly reconciles? What sort of trouble has Maggie gotten herself into?

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