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SpoilerTV's Weekly Round Table: 10th Edition

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Hello everyone! Welcome to another edition of our Weekly Round Table! This week I'm (MK) joined by Milo (MI), Samantha (SB), Shal/Klutzy Girl (KG), Jimmy (JR), Jamie (JC), Jaz (JZ) Laura (LS)and Antonia (AL). As always I hope you enjoy the read and feel free to share the article via social networks and share your thoughts on this weeks's questions in the comment section down below.

1.Another go at a HIMYM spin off? During the TCA's FOX executives announced they will give the spin off another show. Is the idea that good to deserve a third attempt or is Fox just trying to milk a dead cow?

SB: How I Met Your Mother was ruined by the finale. It doesn't matter who the network or creative powers behind the show are, a spin-off, remake, whatever you wanna call it will never work. I've watched a number of shows over the years, most of which have ended well past their sell by date, and when you look back it tends to be in mocking or respecting what the show was when it first came out before it was ruined. How I Met Your Mother doesn't even get that. I know some people were happy with the ending, but the general consensus I've seen has been loathing. A great show was ruined by a horrible ending, and it's now a poisoned chalice.

KG: They really need to stop trying this spin-off. No one wants it, especially after the HIMYM finale ruined everything. It's failed multiple times before for a reason.

JC: God, let it die already. If it didn't work the first two times, what makes them think it'll work this time around? And people are still pretty pissed off at what happened in the HIMYM finale, despite the fact that it's been a few years.

AL: As a fan of HIMYM who hated the finale (honestly, who isn’t?) I’m going to be optimistic. I have a friend who really loves You’re the Worst, and though I’ve never seen it, I value her opinion and I hope that means that the HIMYM spinoff is in good hands. I heard that You’re The Worst explored the effect of mental illness on relationships very well, and I think that would add something new to the idea of HIMYM. Additionally, I’ve always loved HIMYM’s narrative format, how it was able to use foreshadowing and bend chronology to work in its favor, and I’m kind of excited to see it again. To be honest, a part of me does feeling like they’re beating a dead horse, but as long as Carter Bays and Craig Thomas aren’t involved, I’m all for it.

MK: With Allison Bennet (You are the worst) behind the project as a writer it does seem a bit more appealing, but still it was enough. Let the concept die. The show had a great run and the majority of the fandome still carries scares from the Original's series finale.

2.Shonda Rhimes signed a new deal with Netflix ending her 15 year long development relationship with ABC. Are Shonda and Netflix the right fit? And how will ABC cope without new Shonda dramas?

MI: Shonda Rhimes joining Netflix is something that I didn't see coming but it does show how much pulling power Netflix does to lure her away from ABC. Will be interesting to see how this develops over the future, especially looking at what ABC does to handle this loss.

SB: I've tried to watch Shonda shows over the years, but never been able to get into them. Her ideas tend to be focused on a set market, loads of soapy romance squeezed in and poor characterization. Maybe the problem is that network television is very much focused on case of the week type shows that enable viewers to jump in whenever they want, with a small recap at the beginning of the episode to give you a rough idea of what's going on because having to catch up on 12+ seasons is a drag. The Netflix shows I've watched have been the complete opposite of this. All about the slow-burner, gradually building the story up and then exploding in the finale, so maybe it'll be good for them. ABC is a mess. They're overly reliant on old shows with naturally lose viewers as time goes on, and their new shows aren't that great. They, like all of the networks honestly, need a creative overhaul which starts at the top. I'd like to say that Shonda moving to Netflix will force them to step out of the comfort zone and look for more originality, but let's be honest it won't.

KG: I was shocked by the news but I'm actually pretty excited for this new deal. There's been so many shows Shonda's developed over the years for ABC that never happened when they sounded interesting. I can't wait to see what new shows comes out of the Netflix deal. ABC doesn't seem like the right fit for her anymore. They need the help, though, because they aren't doing too well right now.

JR: I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some sort of deal between Netflix and ABC’s parent, Disney, to trade Shondaland ahead of Disney’s foray into the streaming market next year. Either way Shondaland needs to diversify away from female led series and Netflix is an ideal vehicle for that. Will be interesting to see what they come up with

JC: Maybe this will be good for ABC. Lately it feels like a lot of their shows are so similar. I'd like to see a bit more diversity in genres. As for Shonda going to Netflix. I'm sure it'll be a good fit. It might give her more freedom in the type of shows she can make.

JZ: I don’t mind where the Shonda shows are because if I’m interested, I’ll find a way to watch them. I do have concern for HTGAWM (the only Shonda show I watch) and how her absence may affect the show, although I assume after 4 seasons her presence with the show is minimal anyway.

I think Netflix is an interesting choice for Shonda and it’s going to add a level of maturity to her shows that would never be approved over on broadcast. (Although she has pushed the envelope on ABC) I’m curious to see what that’s going to be like and if I’ll enjoy the tonal shifts that’ll come with a Shonda show on a Netflix budget. Hopefully she’ll hit it out of the ball park.

AL: I’ve never finished a Shondaland show. I’ve fallen way too far behind and I’ve never gotten caught up. However, I do love Rhimes’s work, though I feel like her shows are often more once-a-week than all-at-once things. You really can’t take more than a certain about of soapy melodrama in one night, as good as it may be. However, I’m really ready to be proved wrong. Netflix obviously has a lot riding on this deal (what with the money troubles it’s been having and all), and it’ll be cool to see what Rhimes can do outside of ABC. I feel like ABC will suffer, because right now, so many of its efforts have hinged on the “name”. TGIT are all quality shows, but you can’t deny that they have hits partly because they have the Shonda name. ABC is very obviously hinging on the “Marvel” tightly for the Inhumans drama, and I’m pretty sure had Agent Carter and Agents of Shield been bigger successes, we would see ABC become The Marvel Place instead of Netflix. I feel like ABC needs to branch out, try new things, and trust new studios/writers. One day, all of the TGIT shows will end, and ABC won’t have steady ground to stand on anymore.

MK: This is certainly a game changer can't even imagine how much chaching Netflix had to pay Shonda to move one. I 'm looking forward to Shonda on Netflix, cause imagine how much liberty she will have there and how juicy the stories will be. Shonda got the power/mind to bring gamechanging television to life and I look forward to her new stuff. ABC still has quite a lot of Shondaland projects with 2 new premiering this season but I hope it will make them seek out something new and diverse in a new way.

3.Fall season is coming! What show do you think/hope will deliver a solid season and why?

MI: I hope Arrow will give us a season that's as brilliant as Season 5 was especially with Michael Emerson on board and provided they don't lean too heavily into the usually forced relationship side of things that the CW struggles with it could be great. I *want* Inhumans to surprise us all and be epic too, but things don't look good at this point. I really hope that new shows like Star Trek Discovery, The Orville and The Gifted are good too whilst Wisdom of the Crowd turns out to be the next Person of Interest. Basically, can everything be good this year please?

SB: Since I'm starting University this year I have to cut down my watch list. So that means shows which don't impress me within the first few episodes are gone. An unfortunate show in that category is Supergirl, which I absolutely adored when it started but now it's just a chore to watch. I want so badly for it to rediscover its magic but I severely doubt it will. Arrow I will probably end up giving another go because they know how to drag me back in with Katie Cassidy. Getting an actor like Michael Emerson on board was a big coup for the show, and I'm intrigued to see whether they can do his character justice or fall into the same old habits. I'm beyond excited for The Gifted because Matt Nix gave me Burn Notice. The Orville also looks quite good, the trailers convinced me to sample Life Sentence and I can't wait for Runaways.

KG: I'm looking forward to The Gifted, The Mayor, and Ghosted. They seem like they'll be great. Plus, I miss my fall shows and need them back in my life.

JC: I don't really intend to pick up that many shows this fall. The only ones that I have my eye on (and that I think will be successful) are The Gifted and The Good Doctor. I think Young Sheldon will do good as well but with sitcoms you just never know. I don't need that many new ones, though. I have plenty of old ones to keep me busy and I'd like to not fall behind on half of them for a change.

JZ: I hope Gotham does well, with them achieving their fourth season for syndication there’s less of a reason to renew the show for a fifth season. This season must be consistent and hopefully have less breaks so the ratings can keep up. It’s typically a solid performer but The Gifted looks set to become Fox’s best superhero show. Can three comic shows happily co-exist on a platform that’s not the CW?

Speaking of Fox comic shows, I really want Lucifer to soar. I love the addition of Tom Welling to the cast and I hope this only helps the show gain a larger audience this season. Lucifer is always good and deserves more recognition.

In terms of new shows, I really want The Mayor and The Good Doctor to do well as they’re both shows I have an interest in. With most of my shows ending and/or in the midseason, it’d be nice to have some new fall favourites.

AL: I don’t think I’m picking up many new shows this fall, though I do think I’ll be checking out The Orville for fun and Inhuman for some hate-laughs. The CW’s Life Sentence seems interesting, and I’ve always loved Lucy Hale. I’ve kind of fallen out of love with superhero shows lately, but I hope The Gifted will make me feel that love again. I’ve always loved comedies, so I hope Ghosted impresses me with its seasons. As far shows that are returning, I only have two: Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Good Place. It may not be the big flashy fall TV that everyone else is watching, but I don’t care. I’ve always been a comedy girl at heart.

LS: I have too much hope in my heart and I’ve been let down time and time again, but I still have answers for this. I will always have faith in _Brooklyn Nine-Nine_, and I’m expecting this season to be great. I have no idea where they will go with _The Good Place_ but I am cautiously excited. As for new shows, I have the most faith in _The Good Doctor_ and I am also curious about _Ghosted_.

MK: I'm really missing my fall shows as noted plenty times in the ODTs. But I really hope Grey's Anatomy bounces back. The show had an okay season but we GA fans always expect more from the show. I hope it is more character driven season and puts Mer and Alex back to center stage. Also more Richard-Arizona scenes. Also I'm really eager to see how season 7 of OUAT will look like.

As for new shows really intrigued into which direction The Good Doctor will go.

That is it from us, hope you've enjoyed those Edition and stop by next week as well. Till than the comment section is all yours.

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