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Rick and Morty - The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy - Roundtable Review

This article was co-written by Laura (LS), Abi (AK), and Justin (JV).


LS: Wow. Yet another fantastic episode of this awesome show. And it's another one that is leaving me in such pain. I really loved the premise of this one. A Rick and Jerry adventure is just the kind of crazy thing this already crazy season needed. The cold open was fantastic. Jerry is just as pathetic as ever, and Rick is exploiting that to take Jerry on a wild adventure. But wait, what's this, it was actually Morty's good word that convinced Rick to do this? Huh. Very interesting. The premise was great with the immortality shield, I loved every single thing about the wormhole, and this was just yet another instance of Rick actually opening up only to be punched in the face by the world a mere moment later. I'll get into more of that later. But wow, this episode was really something. Beth and Summer were also interesting here. And of course Morty is still devolving and ripping apart at the seams. I long for the days of his innocence and confusion again. Gah!

AK: Can you believe we're halfway through this season already? It seems to have gone really fast. I like that we got to explore the effects of Jerry and Beth's split from the unusual pairing on Rick and Jerry, and it was definitely an unusual pairing in more ways than one (I mean, that wormhole scene, Rick and Jerry seemed to be pretty damn close in it). I like that we got to see glimpses of how they're struggling with it, and how Beth finds it hard to connect with her kids, which is something that's been apparent to the audience for a while now. Whilst this is probably one of the more heartfelt episodes Rick and Morty have done, it was still pretty funny, and the concept of a place with an immortality shield was really interesting.

JV: This episode was probably my second favorite after "Pickle Rick"! The idea of a Rick/Jerry team up adventure was something I never knew I wanted till it actually happened. It was absolutely glorious. We’ve all seen how the characters are dealing with the Beth/Jerry divorce but to finally see how Jerry is dealing with it was really interesting to see. Poor Jerry man. Life really f*cked him over. But yeah, everything about this episode was perfect! From the Rick/Jerry adventure, Morty becoming even more ruthless, the Beth/Summer storyline. Loved it. That wormhole sequence was absolutely gorgeous that I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Beautiful visuals and showcasing another reason why RAM is one of the most beautifully aesthetic shows ever (and was Rick literally inside Jerry at one point? XD). Also, I had tears in my eyes when Beth “reversed” just like Summer did and they made up. “Mama’s coming, and she cares about your titties” Beth is legit the best.


LS: Surprisingly, I think Jerry had a lot of great development in this outing. He got to dish some comeuppance to Rick when he was all dumbed out. And I think it finally hit him, after Rick yelled it out to him, just how toxic someone like him can be. The ending was probably one of the greatest endings for an episode since "Pickle Rick" with the two of them reconciling. Rick is starting to know that the men in the family are gunning for him. But they've both agreed to keep what happened between them to themselves. And I truly believe it will stay that way. Also, here's Rick again, telling Jerry everything he was waiting to hear about his divorce. Right before people were ready to kill him. Why does this always happen to Rick? This is a character we want so badly to open up but look what happens to him EVERY TIME he does! First it was Birdperson, now this. [sigh] it just doesn't seem right. It's cruel irony that these writers just love. I won't even get into Beth because it seems like she is following right in Rick's footsteps, doing a grand gesture to show affection right after being detached and heartless. Summer is, well, Summer. I like that they're trying to normalize her teenage experience. But Morty, on the other hand, hoo boy. Yeah, I'm not going there either. Read what I've been saying for the past few episodes and you'll know how I'm feeling. Jeez.

AK: This really is Morty's season for exploring how outspoken, frank, and dark he's gotten. I feel like I'm saying this every week but he just keeps proving that he has absolutely nothing to lose with everything he says, and with his treatment of both Beth and Ethan, we see that he's really grown into his own person, and it's not good. Even with him accusing Beth of being just like Rick, which she proves she isn't, he is actually the one who's acting the most like Rick. He's now been utterly corrupted and I can't wait to see what version of him we'll get in a potential season 4.

JV: This season is definitely all about Morty and his character development with each episode. Man is he becoming more and more unhinged. The scene where he went off on Beth about how she’s exactly like her father was super intense to watch. But maybe Morty is exactly like his grandfather as well? Especially the part when he mutated Ethan. That’s definitely something Rick would do. Ohhh, I’m so nervous/excited on what Morty is going to do next. Kid has lost it.


LS: Everything in the cold open. The weird Jeff Goldblum alien thing. Rick's expressions and excitement on the Whirly Dirly. The underground conspiracy that Jerry quite literally gets sucked into after drying his hands. Gene, the neighbour, calmly asking if everything is okay. Summer's boob job gone wrong. Is Rick a cyborg? What were those enhancements? Beth and Summer hugging at the end. Morty then Cronenberg-ing Ethan. The post-credits scene. There was a lot to laugh at this week.

AK: The scene with Beth and Summer when they were reversed and arguing was really funny in a heartfelt way!

JV: As f*cked up as it was, the part where the immortality field was destroyed and the alien kid instantly died from the shot and the other alien kid goes, “Lisa?“. Sooo messed up but so funny. Also when the little Morphizer-XE tech support guys were set free. XD


LS: Watch this entire video. They summarized so much and found so many little things.

JV: One easter egg I did manage to find was in the wormhole sequence, the bust of Beth and Birdperson was shown in the background when Rick was holding baby Risotto. Definitely cool and reminded me that we need to see Phoenixperson!


LS: Oh, it's only the cold open we've been teased with for about 7 months now! We know next to nothing about this episode aside from it, but I don't even need to know anything else to be excited. In fact, I think it's even better that I don't know anything else!

AK: Another Rick and Morty adventure! This looks like it could be a classic Rick and Morty episode so I'm super excited to see what they do with it. Also, why am I not surprised that Rick is keeping Morty from going to school?

JV: Next week’s ep we are back with the Rick/Morty adventures! Cool. And Morty is probably the only person who WANTS to stay in school instead of going with Rick. Lol.

What did YOU think about "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy"? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and we'll see you next week with the review for "Rest and Ricklaxation"!

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