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Raven's Home - The Bearer of Dad News - Review: "The Art of Being Mom'd"

I'm just going to come right out and say it: this episode of Raven's Home is definitely my favourite so far. We get a more in depth look at Raven's relationship with the twins, and Chelsea's relationship with Levi. Plus... we get more Devon. YAY! Let's jump right in!

The show starts off with Raven, Booker, Nia and Levi preparing to surprise Devon in their apartment prior to him leaving for Texas. They excitedly jump up when they think they hear him, but alas, it was Chelsea who just wanted the feeling of being surprised.

Everyone hides again, and then, Chelsea walks in again. Raven instructs her to get down behind the couch like the rest of them, and then wonders why Devon is taking so long. Turns out he wasn't late at all!

At the party, Booker and Nia each give their dad a goodbye present. Booker gives Devon a rewards card to a Chicago pizza restaurant, and Nia shares a scrapbook of their memories she's created. They were quite the memories...

Apparently Booker has a habit of getting his head stuck in things. The kids say goodbye to their dad and he hands them a teddy bear wearing a uniform, affectionately named Admiral Snuggles. Awwe! We find out that the trio won the bear at the Navy Pier in Chicago. Raven and Devon head into the hallway where Devon expresses how much he'll miss spending weekends with the kids, watching scary movies and making spicy chili. He asks Raven if she'll be alright caring for them full time, and she promptly reassures him, in true Raven fashion.

Back inside the apartment, Raven talks to Chelsea about how she is apprehensive about becoming a full time single mother. She has a vision of the kids saying that things won't be the same now that Devon is gone, which freaks her out even more. Chelsea, cleaning up the apartment, explains to Raven that she likes to distract Levi by doing fun things together so that he doesn't think of his dad. We also see a shot of this... uh oh.

Looks like Chels isn't paying too much attention to what's in that box she's dropping trash into. Raven likes Chelsea's idea of finding fun things to do with the kids.

The next day, Levi walks into the kitchen... and looks ADORABLE. But he's wearing Admiral Snuggles' hat. Oh, and we learn that his middle name is Mahalo. Raven asks why Levi is wearing Admiral Snuggles' hat, and over the course of their conversation Chelsea realizes that she accidentally threw out Admiral Snuggles.

Levi and Chelsea scurry into the living room, trying to figure out what to do. They decide to check the dumpster, not letting Raven find out what happened.

Meanwhile, the twins are in Nia's room talking about how much they miss Devon when Raven dances her way in, wedging herself between the twins. She agrees to do a scary movie and chili night, which she hints at not missing from when her and Devon were married, and the three of them hug it out.

And then, we are BLESSED with some of Raven's finest dancing. You won't see the full effect of it unless you watch the scene, but here's a lil' sneak peek:

No words necessary.

Later, the kids are serving Raven some of the spicy chili when she MAKES A BOYZ IN MOTION reference! O M G! For those of you unfamiliar with this iconic group of boys, well, let's just say Raven was a fan.

Credit: Disney Channel

They gave her their devotion!

Okay, coming down from that incredible throwback back into present day. But not before I giggle at the memory of Loca fainting in the audience at that Boyz in Motion performance. Just look it up. You'll thank me later.

The kids give Raven some of the super spicy chili, and clearly they have a greater tolerance to spice than she does.

She then proceeds to down a bottle of the hot sauce they used, mistaking it for milk.

Chelsea and Levi make it downstairs to the dumpster, and play heads or tails to determine who will dive in. Except they don't play the traditional game. Levi thinks of tails, Chelsea picks heads, and then when Levi tells her what he was thinking of, Chelsea ends up going into the dumpster. I'm starting to realize Levi isn't a genius, it's that Chelsea is... not. When Chelsea starts going crazy in the dumpster when she sees a rat, the lid closes, chopping off Admiral Snuggles' head. That worked out well.

Upstairs, Booker and Nia are setting up their scary movie: Evil Elf 3. My question is, how could they make THREE full length films on an evil elf? Is there something Santa's not telling us?! And... is Will Ferrell the star?

Raven's still recovering from the chili. I hope her toilet made it out of this alive.

The movie scares the HECK out of Raven, who's hyperventilating on the couch. Booker and Nia decide to tuck her into bed, but she has trouble falling asleep because she's afraid of the movie.

Chelsea and Levi are trying to patch Admiral Snuggles back together, and Levi decides to grab tape from Raven and Chelsea's room as he's little and will cause less commotion. He puts his red hood over his head, and sneaks in. Raven is still wide awake, and when she sees the silhouette of Levi thinks he's the evil elf.

She gets out of bed, hits him with a pillow and Chelsea, Booker and Nia run in. She tells them that she thought Levi was the elf, and Booker and Nia say that their 'Dad Weekend' has been a bust. Raven, not wanting her vision to come true, agrees to take the kids to the Navy Pier the next day for some fun. Levi and Chelsea agree to tag along, with their secret goal being to replace Admiral Snuggles. Booker and Nia tell Raven of a ride they want to try, called the Wind Tickler. Except, it's not as calm as you might think.

They're HIGH UP, and are going to drop 150 feet at 60 MPH. Raven tries to act excited with the kids, but her fear is written all over her face.

Chelsea and Levi spot Admiral Snuggles at one of the game tents, involving shooting basketballs into a net. Chelsea makes a great shot, but for some reason doesn't score. She pays to try again.

150 feet in the air, Raven says she can't do the drop. She moves the three of them over to the pole, and this scene vaguely reminds me of another...

Credit: Disney Channel

What's with Raven and hanging high above the ground for other people?

Chelsea attempts to take another shot, and misses. Levi figures out that the game is rigged, and tries to stop Chelsea from shooting again.

He grabs the ball, uses it to hit the fair employee who's rigging the game, and Levi and Chelsea grab the bear and make a break for it. I didn't know he had it in him!

Still in the air, Raven and the twins have a heart to heart about life being different now that Devon is gone, and Raven's vision comes true. Raven reassures them that it's okay to be sad that their dad has left, but that they'll find a way to make it work. Then, she takes the plunge. Literally.

While Raven continues to panic as the employee unstraps them from the ride, Chelsea, Levi and Admiral Snuggles II run by.

And scene.

We end off with Booker and Nia video chatting with Devon, and i'm going to insert a picture here so that we can all admire him once again.

Devon says he wishes he could've been there to see Raven ride the Wind Tickler, which, by the way, they're all wearing matching 'I Survived The Wind Tickler' shirts. Raven tells Chelsea that she is going to begin implementing 'Mom Weekend' instead of 'Dad Weekend', and Levi walks in holding Admiral Snuggles II. Booker and Nia fight over the bear, and somehow this happens:

And we're back at square one. Apparently Booker really is good at getting his head stuck in things!

I think this episode was a well done tribute to the struggles many divorced families face. It resonates with both kids and parents - single parenthood isn't easy. We all know and love Raven for who she is; it was good to see her realize that she doesn't have to change who she is in fear of her kids being unhappy. Also, i'm never trusting a carnival game again. I always KNEW there was a reason why I can't win any games! (I mean it could be because I suck at them... but i'm just gonna go with the fact that the games could be rigged to make myself feel better about the years of lost money and heartbreak over not winning the toys I spent hours playing for).

Down below, I want to know how you think Raven will do as a full time single mom, if you think you'd survive the Wind Tickler, and if you're P R A Y I N G like I am that the Boyz in Motion will make an appearance on Raven's Home! Come on people, it has to happen!

Catch Raven's Home Friday Nights on Disney Channel.

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