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Raven's Home - Adventures in Mommy Sitting - Review: "One Wild Night"

We have to give props to our moms. They sacrifice a lot for us... including their ability to just go out with friends on a whim. Chelsea and Raven are experiencing this struggle while cleaning out their bathroom.

The two are excited about a new toilet brush Raven bought, and shortly after realize what they're doing and snap out of their ways. Booker asks if they have any butter, and walks in looking like this:


Raven has a mild mid-life crisis, and her and Chelsea decide to go out to a club that night. They then break into a traditional Ray and Chels dance party.

Later, Chelsea hangs up the phone and announces that they aren't going out because no babysitters are available. Booker suggests the kids stay home by themselves, and Raven shuts down the idea immediately. Well, she shuts down Booker being home alone. The rest of the kids continue trying to convince the moms to let them stay home alone, Raven taking another shot at Tess spending all of her time at the Baxter/Daniels residence. I feel like most shows I watched growing up had a best friend who spent most of their time at the lead character's house, but it was never really acknowledged. What a breakthrough Raven's Home is! Calling out overstayers one episode at a time. LOL!

The kids make adorable sad faces...

and the moms decide to have a private meeting in the kitchen. Chelsea thinks the kids should be given a chance to prove themselves. Raven calls them sneaky. She's very perceptive.

Chelsea keeps pushing Raven, and she gives in - saying the club isn't far away and that Tess's mom can check in on them (although given what we've heard about her from Tess, i'm not sure what Raven's thinking). The kids cheer outside, and Raven questions if she made the right choice. Chelsea isn't sure either.

That night, the moms are wearing their club apparel which Levi calls trashy:

These two are ageless! Raven goes over rules with the kids, including no hugging. Because it always leads to a fight. Chelsea reminds them that they can't leave the apartment, and the moms give their kids a goodbye hug. Raven reminds Booker that she wants to be able to trust him. Levi gives his mother a pep talk about not owing anything to anyone, and i'm reminded of how perfect these two are for each other.

Once the moms leave the kids start yelling and dancing, and Raven returns to tell them not to yell. The yelling dance party turns into a whispering one. Booker becomes paranoid, stressing out when Tess and Levi are throwing a football and Nia brings out a snack to eat in the living room. The twins pull the snack tray back and forth, arguing about eating it in the living room, and naturally this happens.

That's gonna leave a stain.

The kids are panicking, Booker assuming that Raven will blame him. They flip the cushion and what we hope is a chocolate stain is already on the other side. Tess says they can call her uncle who is good at removing stains... for an unknown reason.

The moms arrive at the club, and as they retain their youth, are asked for ID. Unfortunately Raven can't find hers, but Chelsea is allowed in. After MUCH convincing in true Raven Baxter fashion...

She made him wish he never questioned her... she was able to get in the club. The first thing these moms do during their night on the town? Call their kids.

They ask if everything is okay when Booker answers the phone, and he passes it over to Nia who distracts Raven by mentioning that her song is playing in the background. Whew, saved by the tune!

Levi and Tess show their efforts in trying to get the stain out, however now an even bigger white stain has appeared in its place. Booker says that he'll get blamed for it, and Tess thinks its a good idea to make the entire couch white so the moms won't notice.

On second thought, Levi says they can paint over the stain with his water colours set! They're saved!

Back at The Vault, Raven and Chelsea show off their funky fresh dance moves - and I kind of wish they would've resurrected the sprinkler and watering can from the day they got to dance with Pressure in That's So Raven. Raven gets a little too into the beat, backing up into Brenda, the friendly giant.

And I thought I was tall. OH SNAP!

Brenda tells her to watch herself, and the parties disperse.

Levi is painting the cushion, and it comes out pretty dang well if you ask me!

Booker puts the cushion out by the window so it can dry. We already know this isn't gonna end well. Booker then has a vision of Chelsea and Raven being locked in a vault at the club. Also, I love that the term "what's lit?" is used in this show.

Booker realizes that they aren't allowed to leave the apartment, but Nia convinces him otherwise.

We called it first! That cushion is a goner.

At the club, Raven spills Brenda's drink all over her. What are the odds? She then proceeds to accidentally rips Brenda's shirt when trying to wipe of the stain.

Brenda's life coach taught her to count to ten before freaking out. Chelsea tells Brenda that Raven can make her a new shirt, as she's a dog clothing designer.

Yup. That didn't make Brenda happy.

Raven encourages Brenda to count to ten again, but before she can finish they bolt off.

The kids arrive at the club, and they're a little out of place...

The bouncer doesn't let them in, despite being sweet talked with dollar bills by Tess.

The moms contemplate leaving, and decide to stay. Maybe not the best idea!

Booker's vision has come true. At this point, i'm starting to wonder if this is the episode where Raven will find out Booker is psychic, as they're there to bust the moms out.

The kids see what happened from across the room, but the bouncer still won't help them. Levi has an idea of how to get them in.

Nah, they're not in the boxes. They snuck in through the kitchen. What a smart little dude!

The kids sneak over to the vault. Meanwhile, Chelsea is losing her mind in the vault.

The kids are trying to open the vault, to no avail. The bouncer is headed in their direction; Booker telling the other kids to distract him while he tries to save their moms. They manage to dodge the bouncer.

Raven becomes a pessimist in the vault, saying they may run out of air. Chelsea starts screaming, and says that if this is the end she has something to reveal to Raven. Suddenly, i'm taken back to the episode of That's So Raven where we never see the mystery prize. We aren't told what Chelsea has just revealed to Raven, but it took place in international waters so it HAS to be juicy! Raven's infuriated.

Booker manages to open the vault! Once the moms are free, Brenda finds them and Chelsea, in a moment of rarity, stands up to her!

... Or stands down.

Brenda backs off, and Raven is impressed. The moms are still happy they had a moms night out, despite all that happened. The two celebrate with a dance party and are then escorted out by the bouncer.

The kids get home and start cleaning up before the moms get there. Booker realizes the cushion fell out the window, and the kids bolt to the door to go and get it. Not so fast.

Raven is angry at Booker, who says that he was responsible for what happened. Raven tells him that she trusts him more because of his honesty.

The moms say that even though they can go clubbing whenever they want, they won't because it's too much effort.

The episode ends with Raven yelling at Booker right after he says that the moms can't find out what happened at the club. So, Raven didn't find out about Booker being psychic in this episode... but it could happen next week!

Let me know what you thought of Raven and Chelsea's epic dance moves, what size shoes you guess Brenda wears (because I really gotta know!), and if you believe there's a chance Raven could find out about Booker's powers next episode down below!

Catch Raven's Home Friday Nights on Disney Channel.