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Once Upon a Time - Season 7 - Promo, Cast and Promotional Photos, Interviews + Poster *Updated 6th October 2017*

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Colin O'Donoghue Interview

Is there anything that surprised you about the Hook-centric episode, in which Emma returns for an “emotional curtain call”?

Yeah, it’s going to be a big surprise to a lot of people, a lot of what happens in the episode. You’ll see Emma and Hook, and it’ll address them. There are other things that happen that are quite surprising that I didn’t suspect, but was very, very happy to partake in. I have to be honest, it’s an episode that I really, really, really, really don’t want people to be spoiled on, because one thing we learn is essential to this character’s make-up, but also who we see is such a huge, huge part of who he is in Hyperion Heights that I’m hoping that it doesn’t, in any way, get spoiled. I think that a show like this thrives on the surprise for the fans. There are certain things you just kind of go, “Wait until you see, and you’ll get much as a surprise when I did when I read it.”

Cinderella Motion Poster

Colin O'Donoghue ET Interview
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Rose Reynolds Interview

What do you think Alice ultimately wants?

This is very evident in a scene we just shot in [episode] 707. She wants to be part of something. She is this loner, she is independent, but she is lonely, and she wants to be a part of something, she wants to feel connected with people, and I think she desperately wants family. I think she’s desperately looking and searching for that. That’s what drives her a lot of the episodes, a lot of the scenes that we’ve been exploring and playing with at the moment. It’s: Where am I and where do I belong? Which I think is such a universal idea that young people, and even old people or middling people, often find. Where do I belong? Where am I now and where am I going and all of this stuff? And it’s scary. For Alice, in particular, it is that sense of who am I, where am I going, and who can I trust? So I think that’s what she wants, she wants someone she can trust, she wants to be a part of something, which is really poignant actually and it’s quite moving to play with. I love her so much. She’s so much fun and she has a lot of heart, this girl, and it’s been a lot of fun just in the seven episodes that we’ve had already with her. I love her. She’s a gem, so I hope people see that in her as well, because I think she means well and she’s on a journey, so let’s see where she ends up.

Mekia Cox Interview

How similar is this to the actual Princess and the Frog tale?

When I first auditioned, I asked that same question, and they said that they would like to meld The Princess and the Frog from Disney’s Princess and the Frog with the real Princess and the Frog stories, so they’re taking bits and pieces of it all. I mean, her name is Tiana, and they have bits of the bayou and all of that in there, but then they’re also taking pieces from other portions of the actual fairy tale, the Princess and the Frog story.

What kind of dynamic does Sabine have with Roni?

We actually haven’t had that much. We had one scene. Any scene that I’ve been in, in the actual bar, has not been with her. So we haven’t really had all that much. But in the fairy-tale world, we’ve met.

Adelaide Kane Interview

What kind of dynamic does Ivy have with characters like Roni, Rogers, and whoever Gold is now?

She comes into contact with a lot of these characters through her mother, like doing her mother’s dirty work, running errands, and generally being left to clean up her mother’s messes, deliver bad news, being the messenger girl du jour, but every damn day, she doesn’t get a break. So her rivalry with Jacinda is very interesting, because while she pities Jacinda and her whole situation, I think she’s also a little bit envious of her. It’s very difficult that Jacinda is struggling to make ends meet, but a lot of that hatred and a lot of that rivalry comes from Ivy seeing Jacinda as being free in a way, and she’s not. She’s not a blood relative, whereas Ivy can’t ever really truly escape her.

Gabrielle Anwar Interview

Tell us about Lady Tremaine as a character. What is she driven by?

Lady Tremaine for me, and there have been many incarnations before me, I think she is driven by every passing second on the clock that she is becoming an “older woman.” And I think that is a very brutal rite of passage for most women, particularly those that were the “trophy wife,” which I am building her character on. There’s a tremendous amount of greed and a little bit of pompousness to her, but I think it’s fueled daily, which is a wonderful character trait, because with every passing moment of the day she becomes more and more unbearable because she’s getting older and older, and it’s inevitable.

Henry Motion Poster
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Dania Ramirez EW Interview

Jacinda and Sabine, a.k.a Princess Tiana (Mekia Cox), are roommates in Hyperion Heights. What’s their dynamic like?

They’re real friends. Like real friends, in general, hopefully, can get into situations where they fight, because they’re different people. I always say a lot of fake friends are the ones I can’t get into a fight with, because if I get into a fight with them, it’s over.

What can you tease of the dynamic between Henry and Cinderella?

Cinderella is a little edgy and a little rough around the edges. It’s a different dynamic. It’s still almost like a bickering dynamic. But there is that magical moment when they do first see each other that you know that there’s something really special and beautiful there, and that love really does exist. That’s what’s going to keep us throughout the season. I think we’re about to take a really beautiful journey together. I light a fire within him.


New Set of Cast Promotional Photos

Bosses Dive Deep Into the Reboot
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Tell us about Hyperion Heights and how it’s different from what we were seeing with Storybrooke.

HOROWITZ: The main difference is Storybrooke was a self-contained small town that only contained the fairy tale characters and they were trapped there. Hyperion Heights is part of Seattle the way Brooklyn is part of New York. We’re in a city now, and it’s more densely populated, and it’s filled with both fairy tale characters and non-fairy tale characters, and that’s another interaction and vibe that we didn’t really have in Storybrooke, where it was all the cursed people. So for the first time in the show, we’re really seeing our fairy tale characters in the mix with real people, so there’s an element of, who is a fairy tale character, who isn’t a fairy tale character, and we’re dealing with a villain whose goal is quite different than we saw originally in Storybrooke, it was about trapping everyone in there. In this, we’re going to see that Lady Tremaine wants to push everybody away, wants to gentrify the neighborhood, so that all these characters are separated forever.

Cast Promotional Photos

New Promo - Legend Reborn

Character Descriptions
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Read Info Here.

Henry's Job Revealed

He’s an Uber driver. Yes, seriously. Well, it’s not called Uber in the cursed Seattle neighborhood of Hyperion Heights, it’s called Swyft, but it’s basically the same thing.

“Henry had the heart of the truest believer and when we meet him he no longer believes, and it’s up to his daughter — who he doesn’t even realize is his daughter — to help him find his belief again,” executive producer Edward Kitsis tells EW. “He is an Uber driver. He wrote one book called Once Upon a Time that we’ll realize has all the stories from the first six seasons, but it did not do well, no one bought it, and he’s a guy that’s kind of down on his luck looking for his place in the world.”

Promotional Poster

Dr. Facilier to Appear + TVGuide Scan
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First Look at Emma's Return

Source: Entertainment Weekly

First Look at Tiana

In Season 7’s third episode, “The Garden of Forking Paths,” Cox first appears as the Princess and the Frog heroine, but the circumstances under which she makes the acquaintance of Henry Mills (played by Andrew J. West), the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) and Captain Hook (Colon O’Donoghue) could probably be better.

Meet Roni

The mystery behind why Regina’s new name was being kept under wraps has been solved: It’s the name of her bar! And EW can exclusively reveal that Regina’s cursed persona name is Roni.

“It’s the new Granny’s — with alcohol and cassettes,” executive producer Edward Kitsis tells EW of Roni’s.

The Once Upon a Time bosses tell EW it’s likely that Regina — erm, Roni — will get a new love interest this season, though it’s not necessarily the main focus of her story line. “It is something that we’re actively wanting to do, but right now some other things are going to take center stage before we get to it,” Kitsis says. “When the season starts, Henry is going to need help, so obviously she’s going to go help her son. Then, in Seattle what you’ll realize is she runs the bar, and she realizes that it’s up to her to stand up to the bully, who is Lady Tremaine [Gabrielle Anwar].”

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