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Midnight Texas - Unearthed - Review : The past comes back to haunt us

Midnight Texas 105

What a point to return to this show. Half way through and we already have had some reveals concerning the residents of this small town where being a little strange is welcome.

There is also romance in the air as Bobo and Fiji finally stopped dancing around each other and gave into their feelings. After all, why pine over a dead fiancée who you believe never loved you anyway.

Unfortunately, former murdered fiancée is still troubling Bobo. That and the fact her husband, and leader of the biker gang Sons of Lucifer believes Bobo killed her. You see, we know Aubrey was in fact sent to get information about Bobo but, like she said to Manfred, she fell for him.

While the Sons of Lucifer cause a diversion and set fire to Bobo’s pawn shop, they grab Fiji.

Of course, the town was trying to put out the fire as we know Olivia and Lem live there and while he may be a vampire, fire isn’t his friend and its daylight too.

Mr. Snuggly raises the alarm to Bobo that Fiji has been taken but his concern seems to be he needs feeding. I love the character of this cat and hope to hear more from him.

Manfred, who always seems to be around to help, has problems of his own. Hightower left him a creepy gift right before the fire party in town. His Gran says he should ask for help but Manfred has some guilt over why Hightower wants him.

So, both Bobo and Manfred have their secrets, which are revealed in this episode. And they kept them from the women they are getting closer to. Again, both soon learn the truth.

Manfred and his Gran conned Hightower. He had a daughter who Manfred became engaged to as Hightower wanted power from Manfred’s Gypsy Blood line. A deal of 100,000 dollars was paid but Manfred left his bride at the altar and Hightower believes this caused her to kill herself. Creek learns the truth; Manfred was a con artist and a not nice guy.

I must admit it was very creepy Manfred turning up to pay the money he owed to Hightower only to find the mummified body in the wedding dress waiting. Hightower blames him for breaking his daughter’s heart and has little interest in the money.
Creek had run to ask Olivia for help. She owed Manfred so thankfully she turns up but Hightower has some dark magic that has them running.

Meanwhile, Bobo isn’t left to his own devices and Lem offers to help. We learn Bobo is the son of White Supremacist leaders and left taking a very large stash of weapons which he had hidden. The sons of Lucifer want these in exchange for Fiji.

Fiji isn’t usually so calm and I realized she had been drugged or I get the feeling the biker gang might have been physically wearing their motorbikes.

We know they aren’t to be trusted and Lem sneaks underneath the van when Bobo goes to the meeting. All he wants is Fiji but after giving him a beating they put him in with her. He removes the patch drugging her but she is still too weak to get them out. Thankfully though she can summon enough magic to give them an air bubble.
Lem makes his presence known but not rocket launchers nor guns can stop him as he brings his own version of hell down on the gang.
Freeing Bobo and Fiji, Bobo confronts Aubrey’s husband, both convinced the other killed her. It’s a fight to the death.
The leader and weapons are all destroyed so they head back but the following day Fiji has a lot to process when Bobo tells her the full story.

Manfred, with Olivia’s help, captures Hightower. He tells him he also lost a lot as after the con. His Gran became sick so they used the money for her cancer treatments but she died. Hightower knows of his gifts and tells him ‘you can still see her’ so Manfred agrees to speak with his daughter to bring Hightower some peace.

Manfred needs to learn to better protect himself as she jumps into his body and isn’t happy with her father. He was the reason for her unhappiness, not Manfred, as he used her for his own gains. It’s too much for Hightower; instead of killing Manfred he kills himself.

Creek overheard Manfred talking with Hightower and forgives him and says she wants their relationship in the open. Seems he now has nothing to run from but outside the pavement cracks revealing a lot is still to come.

While I found this episode better than the previous weeks I felt the Hightower storyline could have gone on in the background for another few episodes. In turn, this would have given us more suspense. As for The Sons of Lucifer, I feel Bobo might not be as free of his past as he likes to believe.

The characters though are developing nicely each week. Olivia and Lem sharing another moment near the end shows these two have a deep routed connection.
Creek standing up to her father might mean further trouble for Manfred and also the demonic presence we know is still around. Looking at the trailer for next week it will certainly be making its presence felt soon.

The other question is who actually killed Aubrey?

I have been reliably informed no Armadillo was harmed in the making of this episode.

so what are your thoughts so far on the series ?
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